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Mary, Queen of Peace

One thing I learned during my December trip is that you can almost always find a shrine inside a sotoportego (the covered passageways that are all over Venice) or on a street named for the Madonna (and there are many of those!).

This is one in Castello in a sotoportego off Via Garibaldi, not far from the church of San Francesco di Paola. This one's very elegant with all that gold.

Thanks so much to Maria I who told me who this is in the shrine (Mary, Queen of Peace) and translated the line under "Ave Maria":

"Regina Pacis Ora Pro Nobis" (Queen of Peace, Pray for Us)

I love our blogging community. Thanks Maria I!

another shrine

gold madonna detail

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Are those lightbulbs I see? I wonder what she looks like all lit up at night, with all that glittering gold!

Hey Anne, it does look like little Xmas tree lights inside this one, creating a halo, maybe. I'd like to see it at night too!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, that's a nice looking shrine. Interesting to learn what a sotoportego is. Someone placed some very nice flowers in this shrine.

I really didn't spend much time in Castello so it's wonderful to see some photos from there.

Very cool photos!

Very elegant, indeed, I'm trying to remember the name of this Madonna, the one with the little *hat*. All my years of Catholic School are betraying me.

Kathy, I love the flowers! They look like azaleas to me, a very common plant here in NC. I'd never spent that much time in Castello until my most recent trip and I really enjoyed exploring it. I think it's Leslie's (Kaleidoscope) favorite sestiere.

Maria, if you think of the name, please let me know. I was wondering about that little hat/crown thing.

I think it is Mary Queen of Peace. In your picture underneath the "Ave Maria", it says Regina Pacis Ora Pro Nobis" (Queen of Peace Pray for Us). I found a picture on the Web of Mary Queen of Peace that is very similar to the representation of the Madonna in the shrine. I'll email you the picture and the link.

Thanks Maria! I'm so happy to learn that and also to know what the shrine says. And thanks so much for sending the photo. Now when I see Mary with a crown like that, I'll know who she is!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, now that you mention it, they sure do look like azaleas. I like the pink and white combination. Very pretty.

I was just reading Leslie's cool blog. I love her photo scrapebooking.

I think on my next visit to Venice, I want to explore Castello more.


This is what happens when you skip catechism class -- I didn't realize the crown on the Virgin denoted Queen of Peace!

I must try to find a field guide to Madonna headwear....I'll bet there's one at some of the stands around the Vatican!

Sandra, I'd love to see a Madonna field guide too so let me know if you find one!

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