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The Case of the Missing Earrings

I went to a conference a couple of weeks ago and when I got home, I discovered that I was missing one earring from my favorite pair. I emailed the folks at the college where the conference was held to see if I’d dropped it in the dorm where I stayed, but they couldn’t find it. The earrings aren’t valuable but they are my favorite dangly ones, plus a friend made them so they have great sentimental value. I was bummed!

A few days later, another earring was missing. I was starting to get suspicious but I didn’t have any proof. Then I came home from work one day and found a completely different earring lying on the hallway floor.

I do have a jewelry box (with a lid) on my dresser in the bedroom, but I also have several ceramic dishes where I throw jewelry that I wear often. The next day, I found another earring on the floor of my bedroom.

Finally, I caught the perpetrator in the act. It was Maria the magpie kitten who has developed a fascination with shiny objects, it seems. I walked into the bedroom and found her on the dresser rummaging through my stuff and then she hooked one earring with one of her claws and jumped down and ran off with it. She soon dropped it and went on to other mischief (she doesn’t have much of an attention span).

So after that, I did a thorough search of the house, under the beds and behind the sofa, and found all missing earrings including my favorite one. Everything is now in the jewelry box with a lid where Miss Sticky Paws can’t get to it. Case closed, mystery solved.

Here’s the guilty party:

Maria innocent

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, this is soooo funny! Little Miss Sticky Paws Maria is my kind of kitten! She's a handful, but in a fun and totally delightful way!

She does look a tad "guilty" in that photo! :)

I was smiling the whole time I was reading your story. One of our four cats loved to play with elastic hair twisters. He would play at night and then in the morning we would find them all scattered around the floor.
I love the picture of Maria! She has that innocent/guilty face that says: Who, me?

Big, black and white Trixie went through a stage of taking my ear plugs and batting them around the house. Then she moved on to my vitamen capsules.


I once had a cat who stole my watch and placed it ever so nicely in the toilet...


LOL, excellent!


Heeheehee!!! Too funny, Maria is so adorable.

My sister's cat, Romeo, is a real magpie too. When I was staying with her a couple months ago, I had to make sure I zipped my purse at night or he'd be digging out my jewelry. Once he "hid" my sister's car keys...she was not impressed!


Little Miss Sticky Paws DOES look terribly guilty -- and also seems to think (quite correctly) that she'll be able to charm her way out of any reprimands!!!! I hadn't before heard of cats with "magpie" tendencies, hilarious!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Sorry, but I just had to come back and read this story again to get a good laugh! And it worked! :)

That photo is too cute . . . it's like a kitten "mugshot" or something! Guilty as sin but with a face like an angel.

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