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The girls (LuLu and Maria)


LuLu in window



Well, we are a happy family now. LuLu has accepted Maria, and I no longer have to keep Maria in her saferoom although I do make her sleep in there because otherwise, LuLu and I wouldn’t get any rest!

It’s kinda funny that here I am with two cats, and I didn’t go out to adopt either one of them, both of them just showed up at my house! A co-worker’s husband said that the cats were given to me by the Egyptian goddess Bastet, who is some kind of mystical protector of cats who helps them find their chosen person. I had to google Bastet since I’d never heard of her and sure enough, she’s an ancient cat goddess who’s been around for over five thousand years.

Yesterday at the vet, a nurse took one look at Maria and laughed and said, “She looks like Trouble!” I had to laugh too because it’s just so true! Don’t let that angelic face fool you, she is a Wild Child. Sometimes LuLu looks at me with this long-suffering expression as if to say, “Do you really think it was a good idea to bring this crazy creature into our nice peaceful home?” That’s usually after Maria has pounced on LuLu’s head or bitten her tail or harassed her in some way. No bloodshed between them, but I have scratches all over my legs where Maria has tried to climb me. She is so wide open and so much fun to watch. She does this little “spook dance” that cracks me up….she arches her back like the classic Halloween cat and then hops around flat-footed on all four feet, it’s hilarious.

LuLu is being remarkably patient. We haven’t had any sweet cuddly naps or grooming like Andasamo has had, but they do play and chase and wrestle. And I think LuLu is enjoying the company for the most part. When LuLu first showed up on my back porch and I decided to take her in, I had two dogs, both of whom have passed away since then. LuLu loved those dogs so much, and she’s a pretty outgoing and social cat overall, so I think it’s good that she has a sister now.

Maria has gained one pound in the past three weeks since I got her, so she’s up to 2.5 pounds. She started getting her shots yesterday which wasn’t too traumatic, although she hollered all the way to the vet and all the way back home; she did not like being closed up in her carrier. The vet said she’s a happy healthy kitten.

Photos by Stan (thanks!)

A couple of bronze statues of Bastet that I found on Wikipedia Commons:


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Your girls are beautiful! I loved reading how LuLu became a part of your life and the latest news on Maria. She seems to be living up to her namesake in the Sound of Music when the nuns sing "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?".

I found very interesting the part about the Egyptian goddess Bastet. I can think of a few people that would love to have an image or sculpture of her.

In the photos, Lulu has that look of "Why did you bring that other cat home?" and Maria has the look of pure innocence. Interesting statues and story about the Egyptian goddess Bastet.


How adorable they both are! I'm so glad LuLu's becoming more comfortable with Maria's home invasion. For the first 3 years of Winston's life (he's 5), we also had his sister, so he grew up with another cat around. He missed her dreadfully when she was killed, so I think he may have adopted the new kitten as his surrogate sister.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great photos of Lulu and Maria! Lulu is beautiful and she looks like she has a calm personality. I love Maria's comparison to Maria in the Sound of Music Movie.

In her photo, little Maria has such a sweet looking face and she seems so innocent. It's funny, but this story really reminds me of my own upbringing. I have one older sister and that's it. And growing up, I was the "Maria". My poor sister was very patient with me and I'm glad that Lulu is with little "wild child" Maria. :)

I thought the story of Bastet was cool. I definitely think you and your family were meant to come into Lulu and Maria's lives and now they have a safe and happy home.

Those are darling photos! I love hearing about LuLu and Maria, keep the updates coming.

Thanks Maria! I was surprised to see how much info there was about Bastet on the web. I guess I need to know about her if I'm going to evolve into a crazy cat lady. :)

Girasoli, you are right about LuLu's expression. And Maria only LOOKS innocent...she is full of mischief!

Anne, that is so poignant about Winston losing his sister. LuLu was pretty sad too when our dogs passed away, so I'm really glad they both have companions again.

Kathy, it makes me smile to think about you being a little "Maria" to your big sister. I bet you have lots of laughs about it now!

Krista, thank you! I will keep the updates coming. It's amazing how quickly they change; I was noticing this morning how much longer Maria's legs are now.

Maria the kitten is so cute! I just want to pick her up. I kind of want a kitten myself. And a baby horse.


Annie, what wonderful photos! LuLu has a bit of a hunted look in her eyes, perhaps Maria just nipped at her tail!

And Maria does look deeply dangerous with those oh-so-innocent eyes.

Cats have such interesting personalities!

Chiocciola, you should get one! Well, a kitten anyway....don't know about raising a baby horse, LOL. Everytime I pick Maria up, she starts purring which is completely endearing. Then she usually tries to bite me... :)

Sandra, they are fascinating! I was strictly a dog person for over two decades, and I feel like I understand dogs (they are all heart). But cats are more complicated, even though they are much easier to take care of than dogs.

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