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PhotoHunt: Hanging


This week's theme is "hanging."

Here are a few things that were hanging in the Magic Wings Butterfly House at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC.




Happy weekend folks!

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Lots of hanging flora! I bet those butterfly are happy about that. Happy hunting!

Great pictures! What are those hanging in the first one?

Great shots! I really like the color on the second one, very green!

Have a great weekend!


Loved the pictures with all the foliage! Happy weekend!

Beautiful! I love the third photo.

Here's my Photo Hunt for the day. I'll bet you never heard of this kind of hanging before!

I just love great macro shots! Very nice!

Good choices for the theme. I almost went with hanging fruit, flowers, etc. too. I presume all these plants are specifically chosen as preferred plants by the caterpillars or butterflies.

I particularly liked the 3rd one. I imagine is was cool walking among those plants. Very colorful and magical.

Thanks for your visit and comments.

Great pics for this week's PhotoHunt! Well done. :)

I didn't even think of hanging flora and fruits for this week's theme! I have tons I could have used. Perfect idea!!

The first one intrigues me, the second one makes me hungry, and the third one makes me think of Hawaii (well the second one too).


Excellent choices for this week's theme! I like the angle you shot these from...

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, very cool theme photos! The last one has a nice pretty color to it. Have a great Sunday! :)

Interesting. I have no idea what they are but like them!

oh my! I love all the pictures! I most specially liked the flowers, reminds me of my childhood days, we collect those as our toys:) I don't know the English name though, LOL!
really nice! it fits the word "hanging" plus the fresh dews:)

Thanks for your visit to my Photo Hunt post at Sacred Ruminations. I'm glad I followed the link back here because methinks I missed your post and I love your subject matter. I didn't consider 'fruit' or hanging flowers. Lovely take on the theme!
Hugs and blessings,

I LOVE the "fuzzy" flowers. I've seen them a number of places, but I haven't a clue what they're called... Do you know?

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