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PhotoHunt: Support


This week's theme is "support." In this case, I'm not talking about the shrine (though that could work too) but rather that big staple-shaped metal thing above it. You see these all over the buildings of Venice - I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I think it's some kind of support to help hold those old buildings up. I imagine someone with a very large stapler walking around Venice!

Happy weekend!


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wow, that's somethig new n interesting. :)

Hmmmmmmmm, interesting.

My Photo Hunt is posted. Stop by if you can, would love to have you visit with me. Have a great weekend.

Wow, I've never seen anything like this before. The staple reference is comical. :)

Happy Hunting. Hope you can stop by and visit me.

Interesting...never seen that before.
Hhave a nice weekend

Now I'm terribly curious. I bet it has some sort of significance? Or maybe, the builders are just playing with our minds. *grin*

That is a great image. Maybe they hold the stories together...!
Good post!
Cheers, Klaus

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great theme photo! As always, you have a very observant eye, because I never noticed those staple like objects.

Great visual about the big stapler! :)

Have a nice weekend! Ps. I like the shrine too!

Great catch, Annie! I've seen them in many old buildings throughout Italy and find them very intriguing. I love the comment made by Klaus: "maybe they hold the stories together". This could be interpreted in two ways.

Happy weekend!

Wonderful take on this week's theme. :)


I saw those iron bars too, but I love the stapler image - funny!

Maria, I thought the same thing about Klaus' comment...at first I thought he was talking about stories (legends and tales) then I jumped to stories (buildings)! Great comment!


Annie, I love your description of the giant staple! You do see those so often in Italy, somewhere I got the impression that they were used to hold banners or flags. I don't know why I think that.....this could be a good Slow Travel question!


How interesting! I'd love to find a local and learn more. Your photos are all wonderful and I enjoy the tour you give...


These bars, and the long tie rod between them, are usually to stop the walls buckling outward, and so keep the building from collapsing.

Usually made from wrought iron that is reasonably resistenat to excessive rusting, and many are interesting and old pieces of work in their own right.

Side note - just discovered you wonderfull site after my first vist to Venice when looking up info and history (and rivalry?) of the towers.

Thank you for the info, Stephen. I hope you had a great first trip to Venice!

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