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These things crack me up. Maria is growing so fast but she has a ways to go to catch up to these enormous whiskers!

She and LuLu are completely bonded now - they are best friends. I saw LuLu try to groom Maria a few times but Maria wanted to play and wrestle instead, then one day when Maria was a little sleepy, she cuddled up to LuLu and let her lick her head.

Then a few days later, Maria was with me in the kitchen, and we went into the living room where LuLu was asleep on the couch. Maria jumped up, put her paw on LuLu's back and started grooming LuLu! LuLu was startled at first but then she relaxed and let the kitten do it. So sweet. And both of them groom me, so we are a clean and happy bunch.

jungle cat2


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Now they're adorable! :)

She is sooo cute. I am glad Maria and Lulu are now pals. It must be so sweet seeing them together.

Maria I.:

Oh Annie, Maria is just too cute! I love to see cats grooming each other. We enjoyed watching our three cats grooming each other in a sort of tandem position.
LuLu is adorable with her almost closed eyes. Was Maria grooming her?

Thanks Leslie. And Girasoli, welcome home - sure have enjoyed reading about your trip!

Maria, no, that was just a regular nap for LuLu. I need to get a decent photo of the two of them together - not easy because Maria doesn't stay in one place for very long!

What a cute kitty! And the story is really cute too.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I missed this post somehow. I love these photos of Maria & Lulu and it sounds like they are now quite close. Very cool! That Maria still spunky as usual (wrestling while big sister Lulu is trying to groom her) :)

Thanks so much for giving us an update.


Oh my goodness, what a little doll she is! Love her colouring and those whiskers are incredible!

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