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Annunciation shrine

This lovely 17th century Annunciation relief is over a door on a house next to Ponte Cavallo, the bridge in front of the church of San Zanipolo. It'd be nice to see this every time you came home.




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Oh that is incredibly lovely. Yes, wouldn't it just lift one's spirits at the end of a dreary day! I must go check my photos, the house looks very familiar and we did walk about this area one day.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, That is so beautiful! Wonderful photos. I even love the colors of the house and the beautiful flower pots by the windows. The people who live there are so lucky to have such a beautiful home.

Thanks for posting these wonderful photos. Have a great long weekend!

This is such a gorgeous shrine! I'd give anything to have something so beautiful in my courtyard.

I remember being staring at this house, doorway, relief for the longest time when first saw it in 2007. I went back to make sure and sure enough, I took 2 photos of the doorway and relief the first day I saw it and then went back again later in the week to take another photo. Just beautiful and yes, just imagine living there, having the key to that door!

Thanks everyone, and Girasoli, that is so cool that you saw it and photographed it too!


That would be wonderful to come home to every day! I'll have to track it down when I'm next in Venice and get a photo myself, so I can add it to my Annunciation collection.

Thanks, Annie!

Sandra, Annunciations are such a cool thing to collect! I hope you find some great ones on your trip.


That is so cool! Yes, it was absolutely amazing having the key to that door for a month.
Thanks, Annie.

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