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More Maria and LuLu

I thought I’d post a few more cat and kitten photos. Maria is growing so fast – she’s no longer a little puffball, she’s more lean and lanky now. In this one, she'd spotted one of her toys on the floor.


And then she was off!


Maria is a talker, so different from LuLu who is a very quiet cat overall. LuLu purrs a lot but it’s very soft and soothing, and she always gives me a quick “meow” any time she comes in the room, just to let me know she’s there.

Well, Maria purrs SO loud, she’s like the little engine that could. She even purrs in her sleep! “Cats for Dummies” says that a cat’s purr is the equivalent of a smile, so I guess Maria is having happy dreams. And she talks...a lot! Her voice is so funny – her meows sound more like a bird than a cat. She chirps and squawks.

Sometimes when I’m cooking dinner, Maria will come and stand at my feet and reel off this stream of squawks – it’s so modulated and positively conversational! Then she’ll stop and just look up at me expectantly, waiting for me to reply. I’d love to know what she thinks she’s telling me. I usually end up laughing and picking her up and maybe that’s what she wants.

She’s getting more agile and brave about climbing and jumping. I did a pretty good job of kitten proofing the house because while she knocks a lot of stuff over, nothing major has gotten broken.

My big dilemma right now is “Food Wars.” LuLu is on low calorie, weight loss food while Maria is on high calorie, growing kitten food. I can understand why LuLu would rather eat Maria’s food but I’m mystified as to why Maria prefers LuLu’s food! So when I feed them, I have to watch them carefully and try to herd them back to their own bowls. Sometimes I just end up feeding Maria in the bedroom with the door closed so LuLu can’t sneak in and cheat on her diet.

These photos are old but I wanted to show them playing with their favorite toy. They do have lots of “real” toys but their favorite thing in the world in this long piece of brown paper. It makes a loud crackly noise when they jump on it and they seem to like that. They also like me to cram it in the cardboard box so they can pull it out. And they especially like to hide under it and then jump out and surprise each other (and me). The kitten's body language in these photos cracks me up!




This one is older too but it's sweet. This was the first time they took a nap together side by side.


When I woke up this morning, LuLu was cuddled in right by my side, and Maria was curled up asleep laying on my back! When they realized I was awake, they both started purring. It's a great way to wake up!

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Loved reading this post! Looking at the kitties playing with the "not real toys" reminded me how our kitties loved to play "hockey" with the plastic caps from the milk jugs and cartons. A paper bag was also a more interesting toy than anything that had been purchased at the pet store.

Maria does seem to have grown quite a bit. I love the last picture. The look is sophisticated and regal. ;-)

Oh my - how gorgeous! I am enjoying my sister's cats - up in Brisbane. A blue point siamese and a tonkinese.

I wonder how mine are going down in Canberra this morning? I bet they are asleep right now with Alessandro.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I love this post! The photos are so great. Maria really has grown. She's beautiful and so is Lulu. I love watching them play together. It's so cute.

I had to laugh when you were describing their purrs and how different they are. :) That's so funny that Maria purrs in her sleep. So adorable!

Thank you so much for this great post. I'll probably re-visit again . . . .

Maria, yes! They love paper bags too. I've actually been saying "paper not plastic" at the grocery store so I can bring some new toys home because they tend to rip them up pretty quickly (well, Maria does). :)

Lelsie, I left you a comment on your blog saying that I hope your mom is doing much better.

Kathy! I saw your comment on Anne's blog...why do I have the feeling that after you get back from Spain, we will be reading some "kitten" posts from you too?!? I will love it!


Oh what fun! I love how Maria is talkative - Winston is the same way. Polly doesn't seem to hold conversations in the same way, although she makes squirrelly noises and chirping sounds when she finds something fascinating (such as the ever popular watching the water swirl away down the toilet). How funny that we are having such similar food issues!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, let's put it this way . . . I'm already thinking of names! :)


Wow, Maria really has grown! I can just imagine how difficult it is to keep them out of each other`s food. (Well, at least keeping Lulu from Maria`s. Dieting must be so hard on a cat since I doubt they care all that much about maintaining a healthy weight. That`s Mom`s job!)

Anne, don't you love those chirpy noises they make? It's rare for me to hear a classic "meow." And yes, if you have any tips about dealing with these crazy food wars, please share them!

Kathy, LOL! I am so excited! You won't believe how fun kittens are and how completely they capture your heart. I can't wait!

Sandra, the good news is that LuLu has lost a pound or so, and the vet says she's at a healthy weight for her age. I think part of it is that she is getting a lot more exercise now that she has Maria to chase (well, more often it's Maria chasing her). But weight IS a challenge with indoor cats.

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