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PhotoHunt: Beautiful


This week's theme is "beautiful." Hope that everyone has a nice weekend!


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Definitely beautiful. Peaceful comes to mind too.


This is a wonderful shot...pals enjoying a quiet moment together. Beautiful!

What a wonderful shot! It makes you wonder what will come next or will they just be content to sit there and enjoy an easy truce.

Now THAT is beautiful! :)

what a lovely shot! :) makes me miss my pups though....

Love seeing the pictures of family --- the most beautiful thing in our world. Nice shot. :)

Thanks everyone.

I don't actually know this little girl or the dog. I was at a very big party, very loud, with a band playing and people dancing and lots of kids running around yelling. Then I saw these two sitting there in some kind of silent communion, so sweet and beautiful to me. Later I saw that the dog was very old and blind. Tugged at my heart strings.

A truly beautiful photo, made even more beautiful by what you just said. How sweet of the girl to sit peacefully by the old dog.

Beautiful, tender and sweet!

What a beautiful photo. They look so peaceful. :)

Thanks for visiting my Photo Hunt post today! :)

That's a wonderful shot. A pensive moment, it looks like, but strong affection between the two. "Beautiful" was my immediate verbal response when the image loaded, so excellent choice.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Ah the simplicity :-)

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your link.

That's a beautiful picture. There's nothing like kids and dogs. That dog looks quite a bit like my Lab.

ohhh...that's so pretty! beautiful dog, beautiful girl and a beautiful moment! mine's up too at this link!

Beautiful photo - and story!

great moment in time :-)
view mine if you wish here thanks...

I love the story. I was wondering the background. Beautiful.

Beautiful photo and beautiful story.

What a beautiful, intimate picture!

Your photo speaks volumes about the relationship between these two. Beautiful!

that is just precious. Happy Saturday

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, beautiful moment! I also loved the background story. Have a wonderful Sunday!

tranquil beauty -- thanks for stopping by my post this week.


Yeah, I think the story adds to the photo.

It is really a beautiful view.

Beautiful emotions. I think it is special when children can commune with animals. I certainly hope her parents nurture that gift.

(Thanks for the visit and comments earlier)

I don't only see visual beauty but I feel it, too... nicely done.

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