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PhotoHunt: Colorful


This week's theme is "colorful." Fun theme! I've got a couple for this one.

Nice ride, taken in the parking lot at the Fearrington Folk Art Show:


Kids' art laying in the sun to dry. Taken at Clydefest, an arts festival honoring North Carolina folk artist Clyde Jones:


Happy weekend!

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Beautiful colorful artwork! Very festive. Happy hunting!

Wow! That van looks really cool! Reminds me of a 60's love van hehe

Very colorful indeed....you always find the wonder in the ordinary world around you. I applaud that!



Love the artwork. You know, participating in Photohunt is definitely going to change how/why I take pictures. :)

Good heavens, that IS colorful! lol! I also did Photo Hunt. Come share your link! :) http://newyorktraveler.net/photo-hunters-colorful/


I'm from NC and I don't know who Clyde Jones is. I will google him immediately. Very nice colorful Photos you've posted for today. And I also noticed the depression dish in the blog below.. hmmm I might need to link you..LOL

Amazing colors on both photos! That's one cool van; it reminded me of the thread on ST about Woodstock.

I love looking at kid's artwork. They are never shy about the colors they choose.

Have a great weekend!

Love that van. I'm With Maria, it reminds me of the Woodstock thread.
This was a fun photohunt topic, wasn't it?

That trailer is very colorful! At first glance I thought it was graffiti. The kids artwork is great too.

I love both choices. The trailer is so retro. Perfect for the Woodstock anniversary. And I love the kid art. I bet the kids get a kick out of the folk artist's work.

Great photos this week - love your choices. :)

What a great post! I just loved the first picture. Beautiful!

Thanks for dropping by.

Great photos!! That van is so cool! The 2nd one reminded me right away of some of the art murals I make with all of my kids art work.

Wow that trailer is colourful I love it. Great shots

Great color, but how could you miss at an Art Show!


a wonderful world of colors, love the the trailer.


Funky truck ^_^

Would love to own one like that haha.

Feel free to drop your link at my photohunt pic.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, very cool theme photos. I enjoyed reading the link you posted. The artist is pretty cool too giving some of his artwork to children. And I like the story of how you brought your nephew to see his artwork in the woods. What a fabulous way for a child to find interest in art.

Thanks for this great post! Have a great day!

Great color on that trailer. Super choice for the theme.

(And I loved your shot on Flickr 'suggesting' the proper entrance for hippies, lol.)


I love this, so colorful and artistic!!!

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