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PhotoHunt: Dark


This week's theme is "dark."

I didn't have to look hard to find something for this theme. I've been taking lots of photos lately of a little creature with a dark face, bright eyes, and an exuberant spirit.

Taking a power nap:




Happy weekend everyone!

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Comments (11)

aaawww that's so sweet. I had the same idea!http://ladykli-goingonaphotohunt.blogspot.com/

I love the pictures! I was just thinking last night about Maria and was going to put a request for a photo. She's adorable and pink just suits her. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, Soooooo cute!! I love it! Is that Maria's special "pillow"! I love the power nap and then the "awake"!

Awesome theme photo!

Have a great weekend Annie!

Awww..cute kitty
Happy Weekend. Michelle-
Rambling Woods


Soooo sweet!

Oh my - so adorable. Lucky you! :)

Looks like that power nap was just what it needed, lol. Wish I could wake up after one and be that alert.


My first thought was awwww also!! She is adorable! How will you ever leave her to travel?

What a beautiful kittie - and a great take on the theme of [i]dark[/i]!


Gosh, she is just toooo adorable!!!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

Kathy, that pink pillow is only one of Maria's special places. Yesterday I found her asleep in a basket on my desk! She DOES have a bed of her own, LOL.

Girasoli, I know. I had to leave for a week in June and she grew so much while I was gone. I am reluctant to miss any of her kitten period.

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