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PhotoHunt: Road


This week's theme is "road."

These are photos from a road trip I took to a charming Roadside Attraction in Prospect Hill, NC.

This miniature stone village was built by North Carolina farmer Henry L. Warren (1883-1978) with help from his neighbor Junius Pennix. The village consists of 27 small buildings that include a church, a hospital, a hotel, and a mill with a waterwheel. Mr. Warren named his little village Shangri-la.

Mr. Warren began building Shangri-la in 1968 when he was 75 years old and worked on it for the next nine years until he died at age 84. The village is made of white quartz and other stone that Mr. Warren found on his farmland. I love this place so much! Happy weekend to all.

The road by Shangri-la:




More photos below:




Henry L. Warren's sign at the entrance to Shangri-la:


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Comments (59)

A beautiful little stone village :)


What a beautiful miniature village by the road!! such wonderful work.

this is a fanciful place. i would love to see this one myself. nice road leading to this village.

What a cool place. I can't believe I've never heard of it. I went on the map and I only live 50 miles from there (I'm in the triangle area). I'm so glad you posted this as I'll have to go see it one day soon.

THat is so delightful. I wish we had something like that near us! Happy weekend


WOW - what a great place!!

Happy Weekend.

What a wonderful mini stone-village. Have never seen anything like this.
Have a great weekend!

Oh this is fabulous! I love this place and the quote at the end is great...

Oh now that is gorgeous! I love miniature villages. We have one here, way across town, that I used to take my boys too, all the time.

You have brought back memories this morning. :)

This is very nice, i will have to find a way to visit, please stop by and take a trip down my country roads....they are in North Georgia near Blairsville.

Very nice. What a lot of work.

What a wonderful post for the theme today. This really is a beautiful Shangri-la.

they are so cute... great shots

Hope you visit mine... Photohunt: Road
have a great weekend

Perfect choice for today's theme... I'm back! Mine's up too hope you can drop by.... Happy weekend!

Oh wow -that's a really cool theme you followed!

This is so beautiful and what a most wonderful project it was for Mr. Warren and his friend to undertake. It must have brought them much happiness as it does those who are so fortunate to view it. And what a wonderful verse the stone holds! Lovely post.

A road that's lead us to a beautiful stone village..
Nice entry for this week theme :)

p/s: thanks for stopping by my PH earlier

Oh that is very cool and very interesting entry. TC

That's a cute stone village!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wonderful theme photo selection. If I saw Mr. Warren's shangri-la driving along that road, I would definitely stop and visit.

Cool post! Have a nice weekend too!

This is so beautiful!! What an amazing feat! I want one in my garden.

That stone village is fascinating, and I like how the plaque ties in with the "road". Great post and happy hunting.


Amazing how creative and passionate people can be about things, huh? Thanks for bringing Henry L. Warren's Shangri-la to our attention! :)


very very neat'o!

This is such a cool post! I love the little stone houses! Great choice for this week's theme! Happy Weekend!!

what a great little place!
cool photo's, nice post!
view mine if you wish here thanks.....

Oh my gosh...if I saw this on the road, I probably wouldn't want to leave. How clever.

Mine's shared...all about the "Devil" this week. Come see. Have a great weekend, and happy hunting!

What a great project to take on in the 'twilight' years of your life! Super choice for this week's theme.

What a lovely village. A beautiful project, and a perfect entry for today's theme. Really nice.

wow... I have never seen such great work done by this man... The miniature village is priceless.. I would love to visit it ..thanks for sharing it with us....


What a labor of love!

Wow... this village is amazing.. love it...I would love to visit it in person..

Oh … this was delightful! Thanks so much for sharing this lovely miniature village with us today.
Hugs and blessings,

an amazing village


That's incredible - what's the scale on that thing?

Hi Kim, the tallest buildings are probably around 4 ft. tall or so, and others are smaller.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

If i'm ever on a roadtrip that way I hope I pass by this. Fantastic Love it!

Annie, when I first looked at the picture before reading the text, I thought that it was a real town and they just had a horrible, boulder filled road. Great shots and sweet story.

What a cool little village. It's great that he built it where others could enjoy it. And I love the quote on the plaque. Perfect for the road theme.

(Thanks for dropping by and the comments earlier)

What a lovely take on the theme. I adore roadside attractions like this, even though I'm married to someone who gets too impatient to explore them. Thank you for sharing this with us.

And thanks also for visiting my site this morning.


simply beautiful!!!

Here's mine. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

What an amazing little stone village. Must have been so much work to build! Creative choice for our theme.

Very nice shots, thanks for the visit.

Wow! I've never seen art quite like that. Along the roadside you say? Very different. Thanks for sharing! Hope you will stop by my place when you have time.

That is a place where my children would enjoy going to :)

Now that was cool! :-)

Thanks for visiting my post!

oh, that's so amazingly beautiful creation! thanks for sharing:)

awww, i love miniature villages, i posted model village pics on my blog a couple of weeks ago.
But this village is so cool!

Stunning series. I love the local culture

What cute photos. It is always interesting to me what some people will do as a hobby. Watts towers is another one of those (like this), where somebody just started building stuff because... Why? Boredom? Vision? Who knows.

What a sweet little place! And I love the quote on the plaque.

Happy Sunday!


This is an unique take on this week's theme. Loved this little village.

WOW! It's so cute!


Wow that's amazing!

I wish how I wish I had the opportuntiy to photograph this.
It's fantastic.
Thanks for coming by mine.
Waving at you from New York


This is FANTASTIC!! I love the inscription on the stone, what a lovely motto for life.
(and WOW what a lot of comments you've gotten on this post!)

wow! great small stone structures! I'd definitely love a walk along that road

What a neat - um, well - toy.

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