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PhotoHunt: String(s)


This week's theme is "strings." I've been looking for some interesting strings for a week now and just haven't found anything. Where are all the cool strings?!? Fortunately I did find some in the archives.

Strings of beads:


String instruments on a sand sculpture:


Happy weekend to all! Tropical Storm Hanna is blowing through as I type this (8 AM eastern) and it's raining pretty hard and the wind is loud. Hope everyone is okay out there (I'm fine).

4 pm update: Hanna's gone and the sun is out - yay! We got a ton of rain and there's some flooding in parts of the state but overall, it wasn't too bad of a storm.

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Comments (29)

That is a pretty string entry wow...

Super shots! Thanks for sharing. Mine's up, too!


Good choices for the theme. That sand sculpture is wonderful!

Both are very cool shots.Love the sand castle one!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Good morning, I almost did a string of pearls..yours is great.. love it .The sand castle is wonderful and hard work for someone to accomplish.Enjoy your day..


Two great photos. I especially loved the sand sculpture. TS Hanna has passed us already.. just left lots of debris in the yard...

I love these two photos!!!!

My strings are strung and strummed...stop by if you can find time. Happy Hunting!

Hi Annie, these are wonderful theme photo selections. That's a cute photo of the strings of beads and very creative photo on the string instrument sand sculpture! Very cool.

Stay safe Annie and to all of you in Hanna's path!

There have been a lot of guitars for this theme... But this one made out of sand is the most unique!

Thanks for stopping by.

Hey Annie! Love those strings of beads. And I wouldn't have even noticed the instrument strings. Cool.

What an amazing sand sculpture!

That is one festive donkey!
Cool sand sculpture with fabulous detail.

Stay safe and dry. I hope the kitties are not scared by the howling wind.

I think your stringy photos are just perfect.

Thanks for stopping by to see mine.

We went through TS Fay just a couple of weeks ago. I pray that you and yours stay safe.

I love the sandcastle but both are perfect.

both great ideas for the theme!
Thanks for visiting mine :-)

Wow - I'm so impressed by that sand sculpture!
How they do it is truly a mystery! Great photo!
Happy Weekend

Delightful shots. THe sand sculpture is superb. Happy weekend

Great choices! Also LOVE the sand sculpture! Where did you take that photo?

Hope you are still doing well. Not much on the storm over here, which I hope means that everyone is ok.

Thanks everyone.

Girasoli, I took it in downtown Carrboro, NC in front of this store called Weaver Street that was celebrating its anniversary. And all is okay here - thanks for checking in!

Great take on the theme. Beautiful shots. I'm from Raleigh so we're also enjoying the sun after the deluge of rain. However, as long as we don't get any out and out hurricanes, I'm still grateful for rain after the long drought last year. I always enjoy going to Carrboro. I was in Chapel Hill one day this week and had fun photographing the botanical garden. Fun visiting a photohunter not far from me.

Great photos for this week! Glad you got through the storm OK. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, so glad you checked in and to know all is well. And as Maria said, I also hope Lulu and Maria are doing well too.

Take care!

Carver, nice to meet a fellow photohunter from NC!

Thanks Leslie and Kathy. It really wasn't bad. I just hope we are finished with hurricanes for the year. :)

And Maria and Kathy, the cats were fine - they don't get spooked by storms at all. They just kept doing their usual things...eat, play, and sleep. :)


Two excellent photos for this theme. The sand sculpture was an especially great idea. Have a good weekend.

I love that first one - a well-decorated donkey!

Glad you survived Hanna.

wow! that's a pretty impressive sand sculpture =)

Both are lovely shots. The sand sculpture is remarkable.

These are great choices - the sand sculpture is particularly impressive.

The sand sculpture is really nice.

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