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PhotoHunt: Wild


This week's theme is "wild.' You can find more PhotoHunters Happy weekend!


"Nature alone is antique and the oldest art a mushroom."
---Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881)

The Wild Mushroom
Gary Snyder

Well the sunset rays are shining
Me and Kai have got our tools
A basket and a trowel
And a book with all the rules

Don't ever eat Boletus
If the tube-mouth they are red
Stay away from the Amanitas
Or brother you are dead

Sometimes they're already rotten
Or the stalks are broken off
Where the deer have knocked them over
While turning up the duff

We set out in the forest
To seek the wild mushroom
In shapes diverse and colorful
Shining through the woodland gloom

If you look out under oak trees
Or around an old pine stump
You'll know a mushroom's coming
By the way the leaves are humped

They send out multiple fibers
Through the roots and sod
Some make you mighty sick they say
Or bring you close to God

So here's to the mushroom family
A far-flung friendly clan
For food, for fun, for poison
They are a help to man.


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Comments (27)

That mushroom definitely glows with beauty among the dead leaves. Gorgeous pics! And love the accompanying poem!

Great post and photograph for the wild theme. I have a lot of wild mushrooms in my yard after the rains earlier this week.

By the way, I was confusing in my post mixing up shots from the Art Museum Walk in Raleigh with shots from the NC Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill.

Earlier in the week I did posts from Duke Gardens in Durham, the Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill, and Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh which really confused the issue. Now all I need to do is go take shots at Coker Arboretum since UNC has that as well as the botanical gardens.

Sorry this is so long but since you are in the area and haven't been to the botanical gardens, I wanted to mention it is great with habitats for different parts of the state. It's a conservation garden. Nestled in the mountain section is the Paul Green cabin. Normally in the fall they have art in the garden with artist from all over the state loaning their works. However, this year due to construction on the educational center they aren't doing that but will in the fall of 2009.

Annie, that mushroom is gorgeous! Very cool idea to include the poetry.

Great shot and I like the poem you included with it. The color of the mushroom is fantastic.

Have a wonderful weekend!


I don't think I've ever seen such a colorful mushroom...good one!

I just LOVE photographing mushrooms... :) That's a nice shot.

What a great shot, simple & lovely :)

I would say the colors are WILD...and what an artistic shot amongst the leaves.

Great shot. I love the color contrast.

Great shot! Mushrooms are a really popular item for this week's theme. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great theme photo selection! I also found the color contrast of the bright orange mushroom, against the old brown leaves surrounding it very cool. I love the accompanying poem too.

Have a great weekend!

i just love the color of that mushroom! so vibrant!


That is a cool picture. I agree, I love the vivid color in the gray leaves. The poem is also a nice touch. We've been mushroom hunting and it brought back memories.

Great photo and great take on today's theme! I love the orange color.

Thanks for visiting my Photo Hunt! Have a great weekend!


That's creative. It looks like a little umbrella, perhas over a tiny village of wonders we've never seen.

Beautiful photo! I love the contrast of the bright orange with the leaves.

What a great phoot. That mushroom is very colorful amidst those dead leaves.

Thanks for stopping by!

Lovely pictures, and the poem is fun!

Very nice photo. My wild mushrooms are not nearly as pretty or colorful as that one.


Wild Mushrooms.. I had a few of those in my yard... I thought I had nothing wild... oh well.. That was a very good idea!

Your picture is SO good! :)

wow! that's really interesting! perfect for the theme:)

The colours of the mushroom surrounded by the dead leaves are amazing - great shot!

Amazing and wild! If I had a photo as beautiful as this one, I would have it framed. Loved the poem. Happy weekend!

Just beautiful! The contrast between the colors of the mushroom and the colors of the leaves is amazing!


What a beautiful shot!

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