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Time for another look at Maria and LuLu

I was telling Kathy (Trekcapri) about how Maria has claimed an empty basket on my desk as one of her places to snooze. Kathy is seriously thinking about adopting a kitten or two after she returns from Spain this fall, so I think I need to keep posting cute photos for her! I'm really looking forward to reading all about her trip and about her kitten(s) when she gets them.

And if you want to read a very fun and informative Venice Trip Report, check out Kathy's report from her trip last year - "Venice Re-Discovered." Great job, Kathy (and the photos are wonderful too).

So when I first got Maria the kitten, she had blue eyes. I've since learned that many kittens start with blue eyes that later change colors, like hers have.


More cat photos below...

Another thing I've learned is how challenging pet photography is. Not only is it hard to catch the kitten being still, it's hard to keep their eyes from looking all weird. I've been taking A LOT of photos and only a few have come out okay.


Okay, I'm getting ready to show you some very sweet photos of the girls grooming each other. But I have to say that it's not all sweetness and light around the house - there's LOTS of chasing and play-fighting and knocking things over happening too! But it's very heart-warming to see LuLu grooming the kitten:



And here's a couple of Maria grooming LuLu. I love the way she wraps her paws around LuLu's neck.



And here's a couple more of Maria in the basket:



So we are all in a state of hurricane prep here in NC. The governor got on TV last night and told us not only to get ready for Hanna, but keep an eye on Ike and Josephine too. Right now, the forecast for Hanna doesn't look too bad. But anyway, I went to the store and along with the usual supplies (batteries and water and non-perishable food), I bought a bunch of kitty litter. Don't want to run out of that! Today after work, I need to go get some cash (in case the ATMs don't work) and fill up the car with gas (I learned the hard way after a previous storm, it can be hard to find a gas station with power). But I'm hoping that Hanna won't be too bad.

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I love seeing what Maria is up to! She has grown so much and soon she won't fit in that basket. The grooming photos are so sweet and Lulu seems to enjoy Maria’s grooming. That’s one thing I love about cats; how they take care of each other and cuddle up to sleep.

It looks like you're prepared for Hanna. Stay safe!

She is beautiful. I love how the two are getting along so well.

Take in the coming storms.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I haven't been watching the news and did't realize that NC has been on hurricane watch. I hope you, your family and friends and the residents of NC will be okay. I'll keep you all in my thoughts and hope that you don't get hit hard. Sounds like you're pretty prepared though, so that's good to know.

Thanks so much for mentioning my report. That's so nice of you!

I love these new photos! Lulu and Maria have really bonded so well and they seem inseparable now. And Maria in that little basket is sooo adorable! All cuddled up in one and with her little paw sticking out of the basket in the other photo. Too cute! Now, I'm flashing back to that little kitten I saw over the weekend. Thanks so much for sharing these new photos. They are beautiful.

And take care of yourselves over in NC!

She is still so adorable! She has grown a lot in the past few months. How old is she now? Great photos!

I didn't realize that you are in the path of Hanna. Are people panicking there? Here everyone panics if they just say there might be a toilet paper shortage due to a late shipment. You are smart to get money and gas as well as all needed supplies. Even though I love summer, I am always happy when December 1st rolls around and hurricane season is over.

Stay safe and let us know what is happening if you can.

Oh I adore your photos! And yes, I have to take so many to get any to use.

I'll be thinking of you with the storm! Oh dear!

Thanks everyone! We've really come a long way since the early days when LuLu was so freaked out and was constantly hissing and baring her teeth at the newcomer.

Girasoli, Maria is a little over 5 months old now. I can't believe how much she's grown in such a short time.

And thanks for all the well wishes about the storm. I'm two-hours inland and while some hurricanes have come through here, it looks like this one will stay to the east and only bring us some of the outer bands of rain. In fact, the forecast has us getting less rain from Hanna than we got from Hurricane Fay last week. But if I don't post a PhotoHunt tomorrow, you'll know the power has gone out.

Girasoli, people aren't really in a panic. Folks around here tend to over-react more to a Snow forecast in the winter! There's usually this wild frenzy of grocery shopping and then we only get a few flakes. :)

Have a great weekend!


Annie, they are so adorable. Seems they have a very relaxed lifestyle (I'm envious!)

You're very wise to prepare in case of an emergency. I hope nothing serious happens, take good care of yourself!

Thanks Sandra. The forecast really doesn't look bad at all. Knock on wood.

Yes, they DO have a pretty relaxed lifestyle and I don't mind admitting that they are very spoiled. :)

Oh cute! I love the photo where Maria wraps her paws around the other's neck.

They say we will get a lot of rain here in DC too. I feel quite safe living on the third floor in the middle of the city. Although I guess I should get some non-perishables just in case the power goes out.

Chiocciola, it's not a bad idea to get some food just in case. Hopefully it will run out of steam in terms of the wind before it gets to DC but you never know what these things are going to do.

Right now they are saying that we may get some wind gusts of 50 mph - which isn't that bad except that the ground is still soaked from all the rain we got from Fay and that might make some trees fall.

They are also saying that the worst wind will happen around 2 or 3 in the morning so I hope I just sleep through it (which I've done before!).


Ahhhhh, they are so cute!!! I know just what you mean about the trials of pet photography. Polly seems to be either asleep or racing around at mach 3 speeds! I'm so glad that LuLu and Maria have bonded, I find it so heartwarming to see a couple cats all cuddled up together.

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