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Turn It Blue

TurnItBlue“Turn It Blue” is a sports slogan/rally cry for my beloved UNC Tar Heels but during this election year, it has another meaning for me.

I’ve written before about how the state of North Carolina is absolutely basketball crazy and obsessed. Last week I went for a walk during lunch and saw this homemade campaign sign on the side of a vacant building, and I had to laugh. Only in North Carolina!?! Kudos to whoever made this:


When Obama campaigned here before the primary, he went to UNC-CH and played some hoops with the Heels, and there was tons of local media coverage of this. During the scrimmage, Tar Heel coach Roy Williams yelled at his team to play some defense and said, “You’re leaving the next President of the United States wide open!!” A nice informal endorsement from ole Roy, one of the most beloved guys in our state.

Taking it to the hoop vs. Tyler Hansbrough


Barack and ole Roy


But there are a fair number of folks in NC who do NOT love the Tar Heels, and there was some good-natured complaining from our rivals about the fact that Obama chose to hang out with the Heels when he was here. Seriously though, I don’t think that any North Carolinian is going to change their vote because of basketball, but I would be overjoyed if North Carolina would “turn it blue” at the polls this year.

Facts like this give me hope:

“North Carolina hasn't backed a Democrat for president since Jimmy Carter in 1976. The party has seen a surge of new voters statewide this year, however. More than 162,000 Democrats have been added to the state's voter rolls since early January, according to State Board of Elections figures. Republican registrations have grown by fewer than 19,000 in that time.”

But sadly, recent polls show NC stuck in the red.

Regardless, there is some very cool stuff going on around here. Earlier this summer, I went to an Obama fundraiser that was just a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. A bunch of local bands played, and there was a wonderful performance by a local youth poetry troupe called The Sacrificial Poets. These kids were so inspiring and awesome! Their poems address the big heavy issues – racism, poverty, war – but they brought humor and sweetness to it which is so much more effective than loud angry rants. I love the message on the blue T-Shirt.


The ludicrous Palin nomination sent me over the edge and straight to my computer with my credit card, and I made the first campaign donation of my life. So now I’m getting emails from the Obama campaign, and it’s really interesting to see what’s going on.

Carolina%20Cook-outs%20for%20Change.jpgThis weekend, there are 65 of these Cookouts for Change within a 100-mile radius of me. Some are taking place at private homes while others are at restaurants or parks. They ask you to bring undecided voters along and here’s my dilemma, I don’t know a single person who isn’t voting for Obama! My family, friends, and co-workers are all firmly in support of him. No waffling at all. I’ve read that nationwide, there are anywhere from six to fifteen percent of voters who are undecided, but I don’t know any of them. North Carolina is a very big state and I probably live in a little liberal bubble but right now, I’m feeling very hopeful for an Obama victory even if my own state doesn't "turn it blue." But there are a lot of people working very hard for Obama here in North Carolina.

There are some great campaign buttons on Democratic Stuff. Some of them are pretty funny. I'm thinking about ordering these:




One final note - I got an email from a friend yesterday who said that she is already working on her Halloween costume. She said that she's going as Sarah Palin because it's the scariest thing she can think of! :)

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I love the Book Lovers for Obama button! It's got my name written all over it. :-D

Some of those buttons are hysterical. I'm tempted to buy a few for my friends and family.

I live in McCain territory. Arizona would be a difficult state for Obama but later today the campaign is opening a Phoenix Headquarters Office. The goal is to reach every corner of the state, especially to the 28% of undecided voters. That is a large number considering that McCain has a 10 point lead over Obama.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great post. The signs and buttons are pretty cool. I want to get one. I thought your friend's e-mail about her idea for a Halloween Costume was hysterical! :) What a great one liner! I'm definitely sharing that one at the office tomorrow. He, he!

It's so cool that you're getting so involved Annie. I think I'm going to do something to help too!

Thanks for this interesting and fun read. Have a great evening.

“Turn It Blue”!! This is so cool! Love the various buttons. I love to hear about everyone getting involved. And...very scary!!!


Great post, Annie!

I love all of those buttons, and the "Cookouts for Change" is a great slogan.

And maybe NC will change and back a Democrat -- dare to dream!

Great post, Annie! I hadn't seen the coverage of Obama playing basketball with UNC.

Makes me happy to know that there are some liberal bubbles in your state! When I lived in Georgia I thought they were hard to find...

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