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A few things to smile about

Here's a little collection of stuff that makes me happy.

106-year-old voter chooses Obama
Love this article from the BBC. Go Sister Cecilia!

"A 106-year-old American nun living in a convent in Rome could well be one of the oldest voters to cast a ballot in the 2008 US Presidential election.
Sister Cecilia Gaudette, who last voted for President Eisenhower in 1952, has registered to vote and says she will vote for Democrat Barack Obama."

And you gotta love these guys! Their homepage has a great photo of Obama walking up to meet them, and he is cracking up!
Rednecks for Obama
“We Hunt, Fish, Drink Beer, and Support Barack Obama”

And just this week, I've started seeing this message on signs and bumper stickers around here. Hope it ends up being true!


This "Election Trains" thing has been floating around email-land...it's hilarious.


And here is the view from my office window - a long line of Early Voters. Love seeing this too!


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I'm afraid I cancelled out your vote today. All of Carolina isn't voting for him. But, if he becomes our president.. he will be my president.

Great photos... I got a laugh from the train image too!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I love the train photos. Very creative. It's so great to see the long lines.

I think if anything this Presidential Election has really energized everyone to get involved in their country and to get out and vote. It's very idealist of me, but I do think the more that we are invovled and make our voices heard, the better our government runs. Each politician (to include both Democrats and Republicans) will know after this election that they have to listen to us. It's not business as usual.

It's the democratic process at its best. Have a great day and thanks for the great read this morning.

Oh I hope it is true too! I am sure a lot of those early voters are for Obama!!

Ann, thanks and I appreciate your comments.

Thomas, thanks for stopping by. I wasn't familar with your site, Open Democracy, and am glad to learn about it.

Kathy, I really admire your idealism and hope that you are right about "not business as usual" any more!

Chiocciola, I check my window all the time. Love seeing all the early voters!

Definitely things to smile about :) Toy train...perfect!

Girasoli, every time I look at the expression on Thomas the Train's face, I crack up! Remember Mr. Bill from SNL? That's what it reminds me of. Oh No!

And that old-timey locomotive bellowing black smoke is perfect to represent McCain!

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