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Shrines in "Bread and Tulips"

Thanks to SandraC for the idea for this post! I rented the film "Agata e la Tempesta" after reading Sandra's review of it. Wonderful movie! I really loved it and seeing it inspired me to rent "Pane e Tulipani" (Bread and Tulips) again since it had been several years since I'd watched that one. Both films are by director Silvio Soldini, and both star the beautiful Italian actress Licia Maglietta.

Well, I know Venice better than I did the first time I saw "Bread and Tulips," and I saw two shrines in the movie that I'd taken photos of when I was in Venice last year. When I mentioned this to Sandra, she suggested that I post the photos on my blog, so here they are!

This first shrine is in the scene where Rosalba meets the plumber/detective who her husband had hired to track her down in Venice. They agreed to meet in Campo do Pozzi (campo with two wells) which is a real campo in Castello where this shrine is. It's hard to tell in my photo but the Madonna inside this shrine is the one from Titian's painting of the Assunta.

street shrine2

And then when Rosalba runs away and the bumbling "detective" tries to follow her, they go by this shrine, also in Castello.

bread and tulips shrine

Thanks to Sandra for recommending "Agata." Both of these movies are a perfect way for Italy lovers to get a fix in between trips. Sandra is currently blogging about her recent trip to Umbria and Tuscany; she has some wonderful photos and stories about many off-the-beaten-path towns and churches that she visited, so check her blog out too if you need an Italy fix!

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wonderful photos! Both movies sound really interesting so I will definitely rent them too. I always feel the need for an Italy fix!

Thanks so much (and Sandra) for the recommendations! Have a nice evening!

I loved that scene when Rosalba runs away and the bumbling "detective" tries to follow her. Fun to see photos of the actual sites. I have watched that movie a few times. I wished I got it together to look for spots where the movie was filmed when I was there. Sigh...just another reason to return :)


Great photos, Annie! I'm still marveling at the coincidence; that of all the hundreds of shrines in Venice, you would have photos of two from really key scenes in Bread and Tulips!

I can't wait to see what you come back with from your next trip to Venice in December. I hope planning is going well for that.

(BTW, I now feel a strong urge to see Genoa after watching Agatha and the Storm!)

Kathy, you'd love both of these movies. They are "feel-good" flicks but not fluffy or sappy. Plus there's all the beautiful views of Italy...

Girasoli, there were several places in the movie that I didn't recognize. I might have to rent it again right before my trip to see if I can find them.

Sandra, I know! I'm still amazed about it too. I'm so glad I watched it again!

I'm going to do a blog post soon about my trip planning (or lack thereof). I've been so focused on this election and I need to start thinking about Venice, Trip #6 (which is only about 6 weeks away!).

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