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Creative Campaigning


It’s so interesting to see all the creativity inspired by Obama. It’s one thing to slap a bumper sticker on the car or put a pre-fab sign in the yard, but I continue to see hand-made signs and various other inspired ways that people are showing their support. It’s very cool that people are so enthusiastic that they take the time to create something personal and unique. It gives me a lot of hope!

Here are a few signs that I’ve seen here in NC...


035.jpg 037.jpg


I wish I had a photo of this but I didn't have my camera with me this morning when I saw a guy driving a big white pick-up truck and hand-painted on the side was a message: "I am a white, 50 year old, hard-working, gun-owning man for Obama."

And here are links to some creative “campaign” sites:

Yes We Carve!
Photos of Halloween pumpkins for Obama! You can download stencils to carve one for yourself. I want to do one of these.

Fiber Artists for Obama
Some beautiful and cool stuff

Obama Mosaic Project
This is amazing and beautiful! More photos of it here.

The Obama Art Report
"Daily reporting on the world of Barack Obama artwork, prints and auctions."

Vote Barack Obama Song
A couple of North Carolina guys wrote and recorded this song, a unique combination of Appalachian bluegrass music and sacred chanting (!). Very catchy and the slide show is nice too.

Crafters for Obama
Too bad I can't knit. :)

The Obama Girls of Comedy Tour
"Changing Hearts and Minds One Laugh at a Time"

Poems inspired by Obama.
Poems for Obama and about Obama. Some of these are very sweet.

I'm Riding for Change
I love this photo essay that Kathy (Trek Capri) just did!

“He exhibits something I don’t see in other candidates. That something is a creative imagination, which coupled with brilliance, equals wisdom.”

---Toni Morrison (Nobel Prize winning author)


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Comments (9)

Annie, I LOVE this blog post!! How did you ever find all of these cool links? My favorite is the vote 4 change video/song. I already downloaded it and listened to it a few times and plan to post the video tomorrow on my blog. It is getting close now!!! GO OBAMA!!!


Excellent post - can't wait to get some pumpkins tomorrow to carve!


Wow, these are some extremely creative ideas -- I especially love Yes We Carve!

I wish I could vote in the coming US election!

Sandra, I wish you could vote too!

Girasoli, I've been collecting those links for over a month - I just kept stumbling across them in various places. It all started with the Gondoliers of Venice and then I kept looking!

Kim, I'd love to see photos if you get a chance!

I have to confess that my first attempt at an Obama jack-o-lantern was a complete fiasco. I used a stencil but ended up making such a mess that I hacked the whole thing apart and put it in the oven to cook. I think I need different knives. :)


Annie, that's hilarious! I could never carve pumpkins. I think people must use Exacto-knives, or an evil curse (a la Voldemort from Harry Potter!)

Awesome signs! I have seen very little creativity around here, but DC is not a battleground - actually, it is neither a state nor a battleground, as it is usually 90% democratic!

Since I live in DC it doesn't matter that I can't vote, but if I lived in VA, it would really have bothered me!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wow, Awesome post! This is an outstanding collection of creative Obama campaigning! And I'm not just saying that, because you included my post. :) He, he!

I love them all. From the road side signs, to the Quilts and cool mosaics of hope. I loved the creative pumpkin carvers, cool crafters and poem writers. I was rocking to that very cool rap, not just to the beat but to the words spoken! Definitely keeping it real!

This is proof positive that Obama can inspire the very "best" in people. A true sign of a great leader!

Thank you for this really cool post!


We have noticed how few signs for either side we are seeing in anyone's yard. Guess my neighbors are keeping their vote private?

Sandra, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only pumpkin carving impaired person out there! I can do your basic scary smiley face, but the curves of that Obama logo were just too much for me.

Chiocciola, I wish you could vote in VA or NC! But I hope that DC will be a very happy place to be next week. Dancing in the streets!

Kathy, I love that! It IS the sign of a great leader, to bring out the best in others. Thanks!

Ann, there are signs all over the place here in the Triangle. I've never seen so many, but most are the standard pre-fab signs. I've enjoyed seeing all these personal ones.

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