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PhotoHunt: Family


This week's theme is "family."

Here are my nephews displaying Brotherly Love. Being an aunt to these two is so much fun! I'm lucky to be in a family with them.


Happy weekend and happy photo hunting!

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Awww, cute pic for the theme!!

How adorable! Such a great pick for this hunt.

Cute boys. You're both lucky to have each other. I posted my nephews/nieces too. Come and see when you have time.

Your nephews are a beautiful pair. Great choice for the family theme.


Oh, they are so cute and look like loads of fun!

Happy Weekend.

Aww what a cute pair they are! Happy weekend

That's just lovely! Have a great weekend - I'm off to vote in our local election in an hour. :)

What lovely smiles, they look handsome :)

Wonderful kids! I love the red hair.

Handsome nephews you've got, they're looking good together!

Cute twosome and where did the older one get that fantastic red head of hair?

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, your nephews are so adorable! They look like they are a lot of fun to be around. You're very fortunate and so are they. Perfect theme photo selection.

Happy weekend to you too!

Hi Leslie,

Believe it or not, he's got a red-headed grandparent on both sides (my mother and my sister-in-law's father) so he got it honestly!

It's funny but I had a feeling about his hair before he was born and when my brother called me from the hospital, the first thing he said was, "He's got red hair!"

hello, happy hunting... mine is up!


Oh..they're ADORABLE!Mine is posted HERE. Happy PH!~


awww..handsome nephews you have there. Happy hunting!

cute boys... great entry for this week's PH

Hope you visit my Family photo have a great day

What a ham! Their smiles are so genuine and gorgeous.


They are just cute as two buttons. You are lucky to have them as family. Love the red hair. Have a great weekend.

I love seeing the families and the love they represent esp brotherly love

Your nephews are so cute!
And their smiles are wonderful.
Happy weekend.

So cute, Annie.


Yes, being an aunt is the best! These guys are really good lookers...and what a difference in their hair!

They are so cute. I love the brilliant red hair.

An absolutely perfect photo!! Your nephews are darling. Do see a bit of mischief in their eyes?

Annie, they are soooo cute! You must love when spending time with them.

Great shot - the one on the left doesn’t look completely thrilled with the proceedings - a look I know well!

I have 3 boys -- we have a lot of bunny ears in photos. :-)


Awww such a sweet shot :) Thank you for stopping by!

What would a family album be without the obligatory two fingers sprouting from a sibling's head?

Good shot. It's all about family.

(thanks for stopping by and commenting earlier)

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