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PhotoHunt: Lazy


This week's theme is "lazy."

Somewhere along the way, being lazy got an undeserved bad rap (busy=good, lazy=bad). I don't agree! Regular bouts of laziness are healthy, essential, and good for the soul.

Here’s one of my favorite places to be lazy:


Hope that everyone has a nice (and lazy) weekend!

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What a great shot and wonderful place to be just lazy! love the umbrella :)
Happy lazy weekend !!

That's really lazy :D but it's a nice place to relax too.

Too bad, I can't be lazy for this weekend, gotta work hard. :D

I agree with you that being lazy can be very good for a person. Great shot of a wonderful place to kick back.

And what a perfect place to be lazy! Happy weekend


this is just perfect for the theme! Love the photo too:) I love days like that!~ My PH is posted HERE. Happy photo hunting!~

Fantastic! It's good for you, to take it easy. :)


That looks fabulous -- and I agree completely, laziness HAS gotten a bum rap!

Hope you have a lazy weekend (and that Maria takes it easy, too, so she can heal!)


Great shot - great way to spend the day - beautiful colors!!

Happy Weekend.

when laziness hits, i hope i am in the same spectacular location as this one. great take.

Great choice for PH-theme, nice shot... mine's up too, please drop by... Have a great weekend!!!!

Lovely lazy photo!! I love the colors!! I agree, being lazy can be good for your soul :)


that's a great place to relax! where was it taken?

That looks like a great place to be lazy!


Perfectly beautiful spot to be lazy - come on by if you have the energy! lol

Perfect! What a wonderful place to be lazy and to have some me-time :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great theme photo selection. I could definitely be lazy and relaxed in a beautiful setting like that too! Just need to put on some cool one tunes and I'm good!:) Although I love the sound of waves crashing . . . makes me more lazy and more relaxed!

Have a great weekend! Hope Maria is resting well, too.

I couldn't help but agree... except I'd call it relaxing (lest my mom finds me something better to do). Love your take on this theme! :)

I'll love to spend the weekend in that lazy way as well! :)


Perfect shot of just lazing around. Is this still at Topsail?

Thanks everyone!

About the location: I took this one at Topsail Island (NC) a couple of weekends ago.

What a beautiful shot - love the colours!!!
Happy weekend.


Hmm I agree with you. If I didn't have the dinner to attend tonight I'll surely laze around my house. :D


Speaking for myself: am having a busy but pleasant nonetheless weekend! :)

That is my idea of being lazy. Wish I was there right now.

Hello, Happy Hunting!

You have such the best place to be lazy.Happy photo hunting, see mine thanks..

good idea I am going to work hard at being lazy:)

Ohhhhhh that looks sooooo good. *sigh*

I did Photo Hunters today, too! If you have time, pay me a visit and leave your link. :)

Great photo, Annie. And your sentiments are right on. Lazy is an art that should be mastered by more people, more often.

LOL-reminds me of my photo in a way.

Perfect! I couldn't agree more.
I found my lovely lazy spot in Savannah.

Nice reminder to take some time out and enjoy. Perfect shot for this week's theme.

Wow, that does look like a great place to be lazy. I wish my beach was that pretty and clean. :(

Thanks for stopping by.

What a wonderful spot to laze in the sun.

Oh wow, that looks wonderful. What a terrific spot to kick back and relax and enjoy some lazy time. Couldn't agree with you more. Nice choice for The Hunt.

i jus love being lazy. i dont know abt the others though :) I am normally busy from 5am to 1am every day.

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