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PhotoHunt: Sad


This week's theme is "sad."

Here's a sad but beautiful angel I found on San Michele in Isola, the cemetery island of Venice.

Angel on San Michele in Isola

Are we all going to have the blues after this photo hunt?! Here's a Chinese proverb to keep in mind:

"You cannot prevent the birds of sadness from passing over your head, but you can prevent their making a nest in your hair." :)

Have a good weekend!

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Comments (37)

That is a sad but beautiful angel. Perfect for the theme and I love the proverb. So true.


This is a perfect photo for the theme! Happy PH!:)


Beautiful sad picture for the theme. Love the proverb!!
Happy hunting and happy weekend!


Good photo for this week's theme. I can imagine this angel looking down on earth today and thinking "how sad".


Beautiful! I love this type of art :) My entry for Photo Hunters is here

Please stop by if you have a moment :)


Great shot and I love the proverb!

Happy Weekend.

That is such a beautiful angel. Great take on this week's theme.

Now that is a sad expression if I ever saw one. Nice take on the theme.


Very beautiful, Annie -- and what a great proverb!

A beautiful 'sad' photo.
Happy weekend.

The perfect pictures for PhotoHunt - all your pictures are wonderful. :)

A sad but beautiful angel. Happy hunting!

What a beautiful sad photo! Well done. It was a difficult theme for me... but I finally made it!

Oh, and Venice is actually on my wish list to go. My sister and her son is going there the 21th of October. i envy them...

That angel must be worried about what is happening here on earth that's why.

And that proverb is so right, it is all up to us to do what would make us miserable or happy :)

So sad but beautiful, Annie.

the angel's expression expresses the theme well and the Chinese proverb is appropriate. oh dear i jus realized my comments resemble Carver's and Julie's. Perhaps this perception is universal. I am from Malaysia,

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great theme photo. Your sad angel did give me the blues. But thanks to your very appropriate quote, it lifted me up and now I'm feeling pretty good again!

Happy weekend to you too! :) BTW, your San Michele Isola post is one of my favorites!


Have to say that this has been a more serious Photo Hunt than usual... So thanks for sharing that fun Chinese proverb!

Nice take of the theme! Indeed we can be sad, but we have to learn how to let the sadness go. However many times we tend to get ourselves sucked into the abyss of sadness, eh?

A sad picture indeed which looks perfect for this week's theme.

I was a little afraid of that 'getting the blues' from this week's theme also but you handled if beautifully.

Great photo and perfect for the theme.


That's lovely, Annie. And a lovely sentiment, too.

I almost didn't post to this theme, and my post is not typical "me". I hope you'll stop by, though:


Ah, that picture is sad. But thanks for the reminder about not being overwhelmed. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of sad people today! ;)

I have mine up today, too. I hope you can visit and leave your link!

It feels me sad when i look at somebody sad...TC

I wonder why this angel is sad. Lovely shot. BTW, that Chinese proverb made me giggle.

that stillness of the statue is laden with sadness

Excellent quote and photo as well


good pic for this week's theme.

Beautiful photo and I love the proverb! At this time of year when skies are getting greyer, it'll be good to remember. :D

Such a great angel picture. Thanks for posting the quote to put our sadness in perspective.

Beautiful but sad...I love this photo. Your posts have made me want to visit San Michele in Isola. Hopefully I will be getting back to Venice soon.

Oh...and by the way, did you notice that NC is now tied in the polls...blue is a very real possibility!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by.

Girasoli, yes! Maybe my wish will come true and NC will "turn it blue"!!!

What a lovely image! Don't you love the secret things you discover as you travel? It's the little things, the unexpected places and images and experiences that make it so rich, I think.


Wonderful picture for the theme...and what a great quote to remember!!

waiting for yr photohunt post. hope u wont disappoint :)

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