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The Polls are Open in NC!

When and where to Vote in North Carolina on Nov. 4: Click Here to find your polling place

NC State Board of Elections: Tuesday, Nov. 4, polls open at 6:30 AM and close at 7:30 pm


Locations and Hours for Early Voting In North Carolina

I voted today! When I got to work this morning, the lines at the precinct were very long so I kept looking out the window and walked over there when it looked like they had gotten a little bit shorter. It wasn’t bad at all, only about a 15-minute wait, and it was a lot of fun to talk to the other people in line. The mood can only be described as jubilant. I shook hands with a very sweet older gentleman who was wearing a "Veterans for Obama" button. Everyone was clapping and cheering for the first-time voters. I got a little teary-eyed at one point. And then after I’d marked my ballot, I said a prayer for the safety and well-being of Obama, and for peace on earth and good will towards people, animals, and the environment. Then I turned my ballot in and got my sticker which says “I voted early” and “I made freedom count.”

Oh, and I got polled last night! About 10 minutes before the debate, I got a phone call, and I made the pollster laugh when we got to the part where you have to define how certain you are about your candidate (very certain, somewhat certain, etc.). I interrupted her and said “one hundred thousand percent certain that I’ll be voting for Barack Obama tomorrow.” I was glad they called me!

Turn It Blue, North Carolina!


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I sent in my absentee ballot on Tuesday. My boss was appalled..."but what if something happens??" I said, trust me, nothing could happen that would make me want to change my vote to McCain.


Annie, I would love to be polled but we don't often answer calls coming from 800 numbers--maybe we should.

I've voted, too--mail-in ballot.

Joe Six Pack and Joe the Plumber? Well, Joe the plumber is definitely a Joe Sixpack.

Oh Annie, that is beautiful! You made me teary-eyed! What a wonderful moment.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, awesome post! Now that's a cool way to vote. I loved your prayer too! And how exciting that you got polled!

Oh, I can't wait to cast my ballot. And I probably won't be able to sleep on election night! :) Whoo hoo!

Very inspiring post!! It made me teary eyed also! Early voting starts here on the 21st. I plan to go that day!

How exciting to be polled! That is so funny that you interrupted her and said “one hundred thousand percent certain". I would love to be polled. GO OBAMA!!!!


Way to make your voice heard, Annie!

Thanks everyone. I've never gotten emotional about voting before, just goes to show how unique this election really is.

It's going to be a long two weeks until we know!

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