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Chorus Pass

Venice’s Chorus Pass organization is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year with a series of concerts and also a redesigned website.

The Chorus Pass is a ticket that provides admission to 16 of Venice’s churches. Current cost is nine euros and since the ala carte price at the door is three euros, the pass is a bargain if you intend to visit more than three of these churches.

In the latest Donna Leon mystery, The Girl of His Dreams, Commissario Guido Brunetti pops into the church of San Giacomo dall’ Orio and is surprised to learn that the church has an admission fee, but then he’s told that Venetian residents can enter for free. I’ve met a few people who were somewhat indignant about having to pay to visit a church, but it doesn’t bother me at all. There are other churches where admission is free but then you have to spend several euros feeding the light boxes to see the paintings, so I’d just as soon pay at the door. The paintings in the Chorus Pass churches are well-lit plus the money goes towards restoration and maintenance, so it seems reasonable to charge a small fee.

Another great thing about the Chorus Pass is that you will find these churches open 10-5 Monday-Saturday, so if you decide to trek all the way out to San Pietro di Castello, for example, you won’t find a closed church. The 16 churches are spread out across all of the six sestieri of Venice - it’s such a great way to get an overview of the city and you'll see many wonderful things along the way as you wander from church to church.

These photos show both sides of a Chorus Pass tote bag that I bought last December. These graphics are very cool; they are so simple yet each church is clearly recognizable. I'm thinking about taking this thing apart and framing it!

Chorus Pass Churches

Chorus Pass Churches

Churches Opened to Art and Devotion
An article about the Chorus Pass 10th Anniversary

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What a great idea...the pass. Of course, it helps to have so many historic & beautiful churches available. And yes, yes...make the bag into a poster!


Annie, that is a very cool bag -- I'd seriously consider framing it, the graphics are beautiful!

I also don't mind in the least paying to enter churches. They must be ruinously expensive to maintain, so I'm happy to contribute!

I'm a big Donna Leon fan, I didn't realize there was a new mystery out, I must go look for it on Amazon. I've gotten a bit muddled in the last few years; several older novels have been reissued, but under new titles, so I've inadvertently bought the same one twice!

June, thanks for stopping by!

Sandra, I did the same thing (bought a Donna Leon book twice because of different titles). Somewhere I have a list that clears it all up - I'll look for it and post it on my blog. The new one (Girl of His Dreams) is really good!

I never knew that the Chorus Pass churches were open all day and that the lights were on in these churches. Thanks for the great info. I love the bag!

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