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PhotoHunt: Ruined


This week's theme is "ruin(ed)."

I've got a couple this week, a shrine in Venice and a shed in North Carolina.

This little wayside shrine in Venice looks like it's melting into the wall. It's not completely ruined but it's on its way.

San Antonio shrine

But even so, it's still serving its purpose as a devotional altar, as you can tell by the little San Antonio candle someone put in it.

San Antonio shrine detail

Now for North Carolina...this place is up the road from my house. It's a goner.


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Happy weekend!

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Comments (40)


OMG! How beautiful is this! Thanks for the drop Annie:)

I like how you note that it's a goner! Haha... Those are some great finds!


Great choices for the theme!! Love the second picture, it's perfect!


Wow! That last one is just crazy! Definitely perfect for the theme :)

My entry for photo hunters is here

Stop by if you have a moment :)

The bottom one cannot be salvaged, but I dont see enough of the first one to make that assessment.

I love your take on this week's theme.

Oh my goodness - look at that falling down place!

I was going to drive to a nearby stone cottage ruin from an early settler in Australia, but I am away. I have come north to visit my sister. ;)

I envy you, going to Venice. I eat at a little restaurant called da Ninos, in Campo San Provolo in Castello. CLosed on Thursdays. I know Luca the owner, and his mother. They are incredibly lovely to us when we go there.

It's a very simple place and we like to eat early dinner there and also lunch. They are open all afternoon and early evening. I have pasta or veal. (Not the chicken, it's a big piece of roasted leg.)

I love the shrine and I've seen a few sheds like that. Great choices.


LOL - love that shed!!

Happy Weekend.

I always thought North Carolina has beautiful beaches.. hahaha.. now I can see the ruined house..

What a waste. The first two look ok with me just as they are but the last one? I hope there are no wild animals hiding in there.


Loved your Venice shrine and your poor little shed. There is a large barn in back of someone's house on my road that I really wanted to photograph, but don't know them well enough to ask.

Your choices are great for this theme!

This is great! I also showed some Italian ruins today. Come and pop over! :D

Ruined in this case is so beautiful and even more so


The Italian ruin is picturesque; the one from North Carolina amazing in that it hasn't actually collapsed yet!

I cracked up laughing when I clicked to the second page. I love your description.

I hope someone will work on restoring the shrine before it is also a "goner".

Happy weekend! My cable and internet are working again - hooray!!

That is a totally ruined...happy hunting!

It's kind of sad to see church buildings falling apart -- but I guess all buildings will.


Have you red the book about Venice called The city of Falling Angels? Referring to stuff falling off buildings. Great read by the way. I love the ruined shed.

Have a happy weekend.


Er sorry I only looked at your title after I left my comment. Of course you've read that book.

Oh, yeah! The first one may be art, but the second is definitely ruined! :-) Love them both, but I think I'm partial to the shack. I guess I'm just that kind of a girl!

Here's mine:

Have a great weekend!

Excellent image for the theme and a good photograph.

These are great photos for our theme. Very interesting. That last one - perfect!!


Even if it's falling apart, I don't see it as an eyesore. So rich in history if I may say. Except for the last one. Yeah, it's a goner. Haha.

Fantastic photos!!!! If only the walls could talk, what history we could know then.

My Native American Sonoran Desert Ruin is posted...come join me, won't you?

Happy Hunting!


Great takes on the theme!

Love the second pic too looks like a painting. But yeah almost on it's wait to complete ruin!

wow...that is one ruined wall....and has a very artistic touch to it also. very nice...:)

thanks for visiting mine :)

Amazing photos. It does look like it's melting into the wall.

I did Photo Hunt today, too. I hope you get a chance to visit and leave your link!

Have a great weekend!

Great photos. I love the one of Venice. It shows so much of what it is like in a living but ruined city.

I would love to visit Venice.

How do they reach that shrine?!

wow those are fabulous photos. I love both of them!

What interesting choices of pictures. That alter looks like it been there for ages, while the hut looks like it was not built to last two years!

Thanks for stopping by.

It's amazing that shed is still standing at all.

I like the way the candle looks all new and spiffy in the ruin of the altar.

Ruins yet beautiful :)


I really like the picture of the old shed. Even falling down it makes an interesting subject. Old buildings are a favorite subject of mine. I like to go driving on the back roads to see what I can find.

Thanks for stopping by Tarheel Ramblings and leaving a comment. Nice to meet other Tarheels in the blogosphere. :0)

Great entries for this week's PH. The last photo reminds me of how a house would look like after a typhoon in the Philippines...

Great shot Annie - there are so many tiny shrines like this in Italy . . . I imagine that many more of them will be 'ruins' as the older generation passes away. 'tis sad.

Nice photos of ruined house in the last photo. Enjoy your week.

Beautiful shrines! And wow, 39 comments, not bad!

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