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Some comic relief while we wait...

Here are various and sundry things that people have emailed to me during the past few months. Don't know who to credit for these but I've appreciated the comic relief!

A while back, I posted that hilarious Election Trains graphic, and it turns out that there were several sequels to it.

If the Candidates were Ovens:


If the Candidates were Laptops:

If the Candidates were Communication Methods:


A classic take on the old "priceless" Amex commercial:


And here are a couple more examples of creative campaigning (a friend sent this photo she took in Chapel Hill, NC):


Another friend sent this photo from the mountains of North Carolina:


Yesterday on "Meet the Press," Tom Brokaw said that he's seen many many Presidential elections, but he's never seen one like this where so many Americans' nerve endings are so raw. It's because there's so very much at stake.

I know I'm not the only one who has been fretting and losing sleep about this election - thanks so much to all my blog friends for sharing in this journey and for all the support. When I joined this blogging community, I didn't really know anyone very well, and it's been very cool to learn that we are on the same wavelength about more than just love of travel.

Now that we are down to the wire, I'm visualizing a landslide! And an early celebration tomorrow night!

Barack to the Future!

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Comments (6)

I love it Annie!!! The easy bake oven is my favorite!

I agree. Blogging has given me so much. It has been wonderful having the support of others and making so many special new friends.

Go OBAMA!!!!


That redneck one is a hoot!

I love the United States poster with all the different Obama stickers! Too cool!


Congratulations on voting for the winner!

Wooooo hooooo!!! The country turned very BLUE!!!! What an emotional and thrilling night!!! We missed you!! I am still waiting to hear about North Carolina...it looks blue, but it is not turning.


Ann, thank you! I still can't really believe it happened!

Girasoli, I know - CNN is still showing North Carolina is yellow! But one website says NC went blue! I need to find out what the story is!

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