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Some great advice (and the 2008 Rubber Dodo Award)

Salon posted another funny article by Anne Lamott ; this one is called “No Time to Cry Wolf” and includes some great advice about how to survive these last nerve-wracking, nail-biting days before the election. Here’s what she recommends:

…find a good charity site where you can send whatever you can afford. Send what you can to Planned Parenthood in the name of Sarah Palin. Send what you can to Obama's campaign in a swing county in your nearest swing state. The Republicans are wrong: You don't always lose if you share. You actually get really, really happy.

Well, this sounded like a great idea to me. I’d already given to Obama, and I’ve been fretting about the environment lately, and global warming and polar bears. I know that the Bible says that God gave man dominion over the earth and all its creatures, and I've been thinking about that and how not everyone interprets that in the same way. I think that "having dominion over" means that we need to take care of the earth and its creatures, it doesn't give us free reign to trash the place. And I don't think shooting wolves from airplanes is what God had in mind either.

So I got on the computer and went in search of a reputable organization that was doing something to help Alaskan wildlife. And it didn’t take long to find exactly what I was looking for!

Here's the mission statement for The Center for Biological Diversity:

"At the Center for Biological Diversity, we believe that the welfare of human beings is deeply linked to nature — to the existence in our world of a vast diversity of wild animals and plants. Because diversity has intrinsic value, and because its loss impoverishes society, we work to secure a future for all species, great and small, hovering on the brink of extinction. We do so through science, law, and creative media, with a focus on protecting the lands, waters, and climate that species need to survive.

We want those who come after us to inherit a world where the wild is still alive."

I checked them out on Charity Navigator and learned that they have the highest rating (4 stars). And then I explored their website and found this press release:

RubberDodoAward_Palin.jpegAlaska Governor Sarah Palin Wins 2008 Rubber Dodo Award

Palin Has Sought to Remove Endangered Species Act Protection for the Polar Bear, Suppressed and Lied About State Global Warming Studies, and Denied That Global Warming Is Caused by Greenhouse Gas Emissions

“Governor Palin has waged a deceptive, dangerous, and costly battle against the polar bear,” said Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity.

“Her position on global warming is so extreme, she makes Dick Cheney look like an Al Gore devotee.”

“Palin’s insistence that Arctic melting is ‘uncertain’ is like someone debating the theory of gravity as they plunge off a cliff,” said Suckling.

“It’s hopeless, reckless, and extremely cynical.”

The entire press release is worth reading - I just plucked out some great quotes. After I read all that, I got my check book out and sent The Center for Biological Diversity a donation in "honor" of Sarah Palin. :)

Then I sent some money to a local animal rescue organization (a foster care program for homeless cats and dogs).

Next, I remembered a story I saw on ABC World News a few weeks ago about a chimpanzee sanctuary in Washington state. It was a beautiful and heart-warming story about this guy who rescued and created a sanctuary for seven chimps who had had horrendous lives as research lab animals; I was boo-hooing by the end of it. Got on google and found the place, Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, and sent some money to the chimps.

You can watch the story of the chimps here (warning, get some tissues!).

And while I was on a roll, I went over to the World Wildlife Fund and adopted a polar bear.

It was better than retail therapy! Thanks to Anne Lamott for this great advice. After this nice little spell of donation therapy, I went back to obsessively checking the Electoral Votes every few minutes or so. :)

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Isn't donation therapy wonderful?? My favorite is donating to organizations in Haiti, the forgotten tragedy of the Americas.

Chiocciola, yes it is! I had a friend who did some relief work in Haiti several years ago. I got him to buy me one of those Haitian prayer flags - it is so beautiful. I'll have to take a photo and post it on my blog sometime.

Under 48 hours now...

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, this is a great post. Great therapy idea. I like the idea of donating to a good charity. And that one you mentioned seems very good! I got their address from the link you posted.

Thanks for the link on the Electoral Votes. Hang in there only a few hours more!

Thank you Kathy! I really appreciate your comments and support. And I'm so excited that your trip to Spain is finally here this week!


Palin is a complete idiot. But I love the idea that you've been inspired to adopt a polar bear. They're being treated brutally and are so vulnerable to the effects of global warming (shrinking sea ice patterns)

According to the WWF, Canada's Arctic is warming faster than anywhere else on Earth. That's a serious threat.

I'm going to take a closer look at the WWF adoption site myself, it's a brilliant idea. Thanks Annie!

Thanks Sandra. It is such a sad and scary state of affairs and it just blows my mind that some people choose to pretend it isn't happening.

The WWF sent me a sweet little stuffed polar bear and an adoption certificate. I'm thinking about adopting another one so I can give both of the nephews a bear for Xmas.


I'm in - in honor of Sarah Palin, boy did that feel good. ;D


Speaking of Anne Lamott...you recommended her to me a few months ago, and I finally picked up one of her books - "Plan B: More Thoughts on Faith". What a great book - thanks for telling me about her! I love her writing, it is open, she really tells it like it is, but with humour and grace. Very cool.


Kim, LOL! Way to go!

Anne, I'm so glad to hear that you liked her too. I think she's so funny and wise and got her amazing faith from the school of hard knocks.

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