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Acqua Alta at night

It was a little scary walking around a flooded city at night because you really couldn't tell how high the water was in the dark. But there was one route down to the Piazza that was less flooded than some of the other calli, so I went down one night after midnight so I could take some photos of the Christmas lights in the Piazza. I was surprised to see how many other tourists were there with the same idea. Some people had their tripods set up on the high-rise walkways, and a group of exuberant Japanese tourists were splashing around in their boots.




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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, these are awesome photos! Although you went through an ordeal getting these I so appreciate that you did because these photos are really terrific! The water looks like it was about a foot deep which is pretty deep so it must have been really something for you to get to the piazza like that to snap these.

The color of the lights looks blue and I the reflection off the high waters is pretty cool.

Wow, Annie! Great photos! Thanks so much for posting these.

Love the photos and the relection of the lights on the water. I'd be a bit afraid to walk around at night and fall into a canal. I think I'd walk hugging the walls of the shops and buildings.

I just posted a photo of a shrine in Córdoba. It is rather large and it looks more like a small altar.

These are paintable! I can see the reflections in a watercolor...yum!


I just had to comment on your photos. They are GORGEOUS!!


Ooooh, very cool! I guess the orchestras that play at spots on Piazza San Marco, such as Florian's, must have stayed inside on nights like this.


Love those photos!
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks everyone! Brenda, I love the watercolor idea, very cool.

Sandra, one of the downsides of visiting Venice in winter is no dueling orchestras, either inside or out. Florians only has music from April to October. The pricey cafes have tables set up outside on warm days but for the most part, the action moves indoors. Several afternoons, I walked by Florians and saw a bunch of people inside having high tea.

I have been so looking forward to seeing these photos! They are fabulous!! How brave to go out in the dark in the aqua alta.

It's also fun seeing the Christmas decorations.

I wonder if it is as expensive to have a drink inside the Florian in the winter time as it is sitting outside in the summer?

Girasoli, I don't know. Maybe it's cheaper since they can't add on that 6 or 7 euro "orchestra fee" but who knows, maybe they have a coperto inside that is just as high.

I've been tempted to go in there for afternoon tea in the winter but never have. I think it's one of those things that might be more fun to do with someone else rather than solo.


Oh Annie, those are gorgeous photos! Thanks for posting them (not to mention slogging through the flood to get them!) Great idea of Brenda's, I should see if my Sara will paint me a watercolour of this scene.

Anne, that's a great idea...if she paints one, please post it on your blog!

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