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Friday night

A little break in the weather today. Still some flooding this morning but only some drizzle for most of the day which I spent in Cannaregio, visiting churches, finding shrines, and occasionally walking through some high water. I hate to complain but this is the third day wearing these stupid rubber boots and while I'm so glad to have them, they are NOT comfortable and my feet are taking a toll, complete with some ankle blisters that are quite annoying. I am ready to switch back to my comfy hiking sneakers, for sure.

As I was wandering around today, I kept seeing all this flood debris...abandoned wet shoes and destroyed mangled umbrellas. I have a feeling that it was tourists, not Venetians, who left this stuff lying about. My umbrella finally bit the dust too but I did find a trash can to put it in.

I had lunch at Anice Stellato, close to the church of Sant Alvise, and it's a very nice place to eat. The guys I met from NC raved about it and I'm glad I stumbled across it. Funniest experience of the day...I have been going into every sotoportego I've seen, since there are often shrines inside, and today I found a most unusual thing inside one of them...a self-service condom vending machine. At first, I thought it was a cigarette machine but when I looked more closely and realized what it was selling, I cracked up! I have a photo that I'll post when I get home!

Speaking of photos, I went down to Piazza San Marco last night after midnight when the water was very high, and I think I got some good photos of the Xmas lights reflected in the lake-piazza. I can't wait to get home and check out my pics, though I don't think they will be quite as good as last year when I had so many more sunny blue sky days.

Gigi, who works here at the Locanda, is a photographer, and he showed me some of his photos from the Dolomites which used to be part of the Venetian Republic. He is a hiker and spelunker, and he told me that in the caves up there in the mountains, they sometimes find these ancient marble reliefs that show the Lion of San Marco. His photos of the ones he has found were very cool!

Tonight I met an American woman from Minnesota, who is teaching school in Kuwait and is in Venice on holiday. She told me that there were some big time Obama election night celebrations in Kuwait too!!

Alas, the evening of Tango at the Xmas market got rained out tonight. I did go down there and drink some Vin Brule and slosh around for a while. The market has booths from almost every region of Italy, and they were all giving out samples of meats and cheeses, so I walked around with my hot spiced wine and tried some of the cheese. The winner was the booth from Sardinia which had this pecorino that was just amazing.

So this is it for me... heading home tomorrow. I have such mixed emotions. Sad to leave ( and there are so many things I didn't see or do, simply ran out of time and stamina). But on the other hand, I can't wait to see my cats and start getting ready for Xmas! So anyway, I probably won't post again until I am home (but I have lots more stories...and photos to come).

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I can't believe that time really flew by and that you're on your way home. I bet Lulu and Maria will be so happy to see you and return home themselves.

Thank you so much for taking the time to blog during your trip. Aside from the weather, it seems that you've had a wonderful time and I am really looking forward to hearing about your experiences and also seeing all of your photos upon your return.

You really did a great job blogging and giving us some great stories. Can't wait to hear more.

Safe travels back home Annie!

Andrew :

Thanks for taking us through this difficult time in Venice. The acqua alta seems relentless this week. We were there for the Salute Festival a few weeks ago and missed all this drama - thank goodness. We saw the flooding last year when we went for the festival but it was only a few inches and we just stayed in until it subsided. Reading your blog keeps us in touch with the city we love. Safe journey home and have a blessed Christmas. Ciao Andrew


Anne, I'm finally catching up on the blogs and can't believe I missed your entire trip! Going back to read now.

The condom machine is funny (I have a photo to post on a similar theme). At one point, on the Sorrento webcam, we kept seeing people show up in the middle of the night outside one of the stores. We were never sure if it was a cigarette machine or a condom machine; I'm voting on the latter.

Thanks for sharing your trip with us Annie! I am happy that the rain never stopped you from doing what you wanted to do. Looking forward to stories and photos!!

It sounds like you have had a wonderful time in Venice. I've really enjoyed reading about your travels and the people you have met. Looking forward to seeing your pictures when you get home.


Annie, I can't wait to see your photos. And I love the story of Gigi finding ancient marble reliefs in caves -- can you imagine what an exciting find that would be!

Hope you had a good trip home and that you're warm and dry!

Safe travels, Anne,
I so appreciate your posts and photos. I've enjoyed following your journey...thank you so much for taking the time to share it with us!

I am so glad you were able to find the positive in all that rain. I can just picture you sloshing around.

Can't wait to see the condom machine shot! The funniest machine I have seen is a pesto machine in Portovenere.

I really enjoyed traveling virtually with you. I hope you have a safe trip home.


I'll have to take a closer look at what's on the walls of sottoportegos in future. Who'd a thought a condom machine would be found in there - too funny!

Thanks for taking the time to blog. I really enjoyed reading about your adventures in flooded Venice. I wished I could have blogged on my recent trip but my husband made a face each time I told him I wanted to look for an internet cafe. He'd only allow me enough time to check emails.

I have never tried Vin Brule. Sounds like the perfect drink when it's cold and wet. I shall look for it on my next visit. I'm already scheming a way to go back to Venice next year.

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