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I am here!

Excuse all typos, I have not mastered an italian keyboard...

But I'm here and it was such an easy trip over with an empty seat beside me on the plane so I could recline and relax. I didn't sleep much but still, it was so comfortable to not be crammed like sardines in the plane. And we got to Venice an hour early because of some good tail winds! Only a 7-hour flight from NYC to Venice!

Arrived to complete fog. Could not see a thing on Alilugana from the airport to Venice but when I got off the boat, I heard the bells. Soon the fog burned off and the sun came out. After I took my stuff to the Locanda, I went to San Marco and lit a candle and since then I've been walking aimlessly. Ended up going over to my old neighborhood in Santa Croce and had lunch at Vecio Fritolin. I had moeche (tiny soft shell crabs) and polenta and prosecco, and it was one of those meals that was so good that I just about swooned. Went by La Zucca and made reservations for Saturday and Tuesday nights.

I have been in three churches so far including one I'd never been in before...woo hoo!

Oh, and my room is awesome! It's enormous and get this...it has a bath tub! With bubble bath! I know what I'll be doing tonight before I crash. I'm running on fumes right now but am going to make myself stay awake until 9 pm so I can get on Venice time.

I have seen some debris from the flood but overall, Venice looks pretty good. They have been working hard to clean it up. Bruno at the Locanda told me that some businesses were really hurt, with damage to electricity, refrigerators etc, and the economic impact will be felt for quite some time as people assess the damage. Plus he told me that they have had a lot of cancellations from people who don't realize that it was only a one-day thing and the water is gone now. Maybe that is why I got that enormous room, I didn't cancel!

In JFK I overheard a conversation with a woman telling people that anyone going to Venice right now, post-flood, was crazy because she heard on NPR that it really stunk! Not true! Venice smells like it always does, like the sea.

Anyway, I'm so glad to be here! Time for another caffe...ciao!

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Ciao, Annie!

It's wonderful to hear that you arrived safe and sound....it must have been so cool to arrive in the fog, but to hear church bells. And then the sun!

Lucky you, to have such a great room. This clearly is a great time of year to visit Venice (something to keep in mind for the Great SlowTrav 2010 GTG)

But it is sobering to think about how bad the flooding must be for local business.

That said, have a wonderful time -- I hope it stays sunny and relatively dry!

Oh my goodness! This is so wonderful to read. :)

kathy trek capri:

Hi Annie, I am so happy to hear that you arrived safe and sound in Venice and that you are already having a great tIme. Your lunch sounds fabulous and to have already seen three churchEs. That is so cool! And how wonderful that you had an empty seat on the plane ride and helpful winds to get you to beautiful Venice one hour earlier is sweet! Your large apartment sounds wonderful! Whoo hoo!

Have an awesome time Annie!

Sei arrivata bella Anna! Benissimo! Sono contentissima per te. And you have already seen three churches! This means we can look forward to some awesome posts in the future. Have a fantastic time, take lots of pictures and enjoy every second!

Yay!!! Wonderful to hear that your flight went well. An empty seat next to you is almost as good as first class (almost). 7 hours! That would be my dream flight. Sigh...19 hours of flying along with many extra hours during layovers for me.

That must have been so cool to arrive in the fog while hearing the bells. Fog is one of those weather wonders that always amazes me (unless I have to drive in it).

Two dinners at La Zucca!! Lucky you!! I was worried there might have been damage from the flood with where it is located.

Before visiting Venice, I always heard people say that Venice smells. I have never smelled anything bad during the 4 times I have been in Venice.

Have a fabulous time!! Great to hear from you :)


So glad you had a nice trip over. Enjoy yourself and take lots of photos. I'll want to see them.

It's great to hear from you! Sounds like you’re off to a wonderful trip! Enjoy Venice for all of us who miss her terribly.


Okay - all caught up with my morning coffee; sounds fabulous. Makes me want to return and I can't wait to see your photos!


"Venice smells like it always does, like the sea"

Annie, what a great phrase. And I love the smell of the sea!

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