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Friday night and Saturday

I just typed a post and then lost it in the internet ethers...argh! Let me try again....

Friday night concert:

I knew I was in for a unique experience when I walked into the church of Santo Stefano and the song playing over the loud speaker was Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On." I literally laughed out loud. Santo Stefano is a big old 14th century Gothic church, and it was packed, hundreds of people, standing room only.

The Joy Singers are a choir/chorus of about twenty Venetian singers, with amazing harmonies and some soloists with very big voices, and they did some jazzed up Christmas carols, some African and Carribean spirituals, and a few pop tunes. By the end, they had all of us on our feet, dancing and singing along to songs like Go Tell It on the Mountain, When the Saints Go Marching In, and (the encore) Oh Happy Day. I never thought I'd be singing and rocking out to hip Gospel music in a church of Venice. When it was over, everyone was grinning from ear to ear, it was truly a blast.

I bought two of their CDs and they have a website (joysingers.it) so anyone coming to Venice, check their schedule and if you get the opportunity to hear them, do it! It was SO much fun!


Spent most of the day on the island of Torcello and I'm going to save this story for when I get home and have photos. Let me just say that it was my most memorable and surprising and amazing church visit ever! And there was a wedding going on in the smaller church out there (Santa Fosca), so I have the good luck juju that comes from seeing an Italian bride...yay!

Then I went to Burano and looked for shrines....found a few and also found a cat colony with about eight cats. The adults were wary but there was a tiny orange kitten...a LuLu lookalike!....who came right up, talked to me, let me pet him/her, and then tried to climb my leg. I did not put her in my bag but I was very tempted.

Dinner at La Zucca was awesome. The place is just as great as ever. Cubbies, remember the American waiter? He no longer works there but they told me that he has opened up a health food store or something like that in Castello.

Forget what I said about Venice being quiet...there has been an influx of Italians on holiday because this is a three-day weekend for them, with Monday being a Madonna festa. So Venice is bustling tonight!

Time for bed...more later. I sure hope this posts!!! Thanks to everyone for your comments!

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Wow, that sounds like so much fun! Did they sing any songs in Italian?

I can't wait to read about and see your pictures of Torcello. I still have not been there.

And dinner at La Zucca!! I am drooling over here!!


Hey girasoli, they did a couple of songs in italian but most of them were in english. they did My Favorite Things from Sound of Music (isnt that your fave movie?).

you have got to go to Torcello! It is sheer magic out there!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wow that concert sounds so cool! Marvin Gaye, Sound of Music . . . I love it! I have to go check out their music now.

Your visit to Torcello sounds great . . . hope you didn't get locked in that wedding too! :) Just kidding. I'm looking forward to hearing about it when you get back. Lulu must have a bunch of cousins out there (Italian and Spanish). Your trip to Burano sounds cool too. I'm really enjoying reading about all your experiences (although green with envy).

This La Zucca restaurant sounds really good (I wonder how I missed it during my trip last year). Glad to hear you had a nice evening dinner. Wow your trip just sounds so fabulous!

Keep on having fun Annie! And thank you so much for letting us enjoy it vicariously too.

On my last trip I didn't get to Torcello (it's on the list for next time) but did make it to Burano. I have some wonderful colorful pictures that I'll post after you come back. I don't want to do any posts about Venice until your return.

The gospel music concert sounds like it was fabulous. I wonder about the Caribbean medley they sang.

I mentioned on my previous comment that tomorrow is the feast of the Immaculate Conception. It's a holy day of obligation so to Mass I shall go.


Thanks everyone!

Kathy, no I did not get locked in another wedding, LOL! I might go back out to Torcello, i had such a wonderful time out there. Its a magical place.

Maria, the high holy Mass for the feast is in the basilica this morning at 10:30 AM. A rare mass led by the patriarch of Venice. I went to it last year and will probably go back today. They turn the pala doro around which is very cool.

The weather continues to be cloudy but dry. Supposed to clear off later on today.


Annie, the concert sounds fantastic -- what a great experience! And Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On? In Santo Stefano? What a delightful collision of cultures. You must have laughed your head off!

The islands sound so beautiful. And what a great experience, to be in a Venice that's bustling with Italians, rather than tourists from everywhere else in the world. That would be a different, and fun, experience!

And I forgot that today is the feast of the Immaculate Conception, that should be yet another interesting experience.


Sandra, I did. I was cracking up when I heard that song! And now it will always remind me of that wonderful night!

Torcello is one of my very favorite places. :)


The concert sounds fantastic! I must check out their website. And I didn't know about "the good luck juju that comes from seeing an Italian bride", how marvellous! I have seen an Italian bride on all three of my trips so far - yay, I'm full of juju! :)

Hi Anne, on my very first trip to Italy, someone told me that it is VERY good luck to see an Italian bride and I think I've seen one every time too. I have no idea where this belief came from or how old it is!

Leslie, I thought of you while I was at Torcello; you've posted so many beautiful photos of it on your blog.

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