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The Joy Singers!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Check it out - I found The Joy Singers on You Tube! This is short but will give you a good idea of how wonderful the concert I saw was. Good vibes all around and guaranteed to make you smile (and want to get up and dance!).

I saw them in the church of Santo Stefano but in this video, they are performing in one of my top three favorite churches, the Basilica di San Donato e Maria (on the island of Murano). This church has the most gorgeous floors and a beautiful Madonna mosaic on the apse...there are glimpses of the church in this video.

I took a few photos at the concert but without a flash, and they ended up blurry. So I scanned in this card that I got when I bought their CDs.


Someone asked me how I learned about the Joy Singers concert that I attended. About a week before I left for Venice, I found it on the official Venezia tourist website which publishes a brochure called 'Inverno Veneziano' or "Winter in Venice" that lists lots of concerts, art shows and other events above and beyond the usual Venice attractions. I always keep an eye on that website before I go.

I've been listening to my Joy Singers CDs everyday since I got home. I love Christmas music anyway, and their holiday CD, Christmas Favorite Songs, is a great addition to my holiday music collection. Their version of Jingle Bells is the best ever; it's not a song I've ever liked all that much but I love it now because their arrangement is so unique and kinda funky - they turn it into a great song.

I also bought their first CD called Joy Singers: Here We Are. I noticed that they have some songs for download on their website that include several that I heard them perform.

I still can't get over how much fun that concert was!

Best holiday wishes to everyone! Here are a few holiday scenes from Venice:



Christmas trees for sale. I love the little Charlie Brown trees in the front.


Saw this beautiful holiday village in a window - it has moving parts, with a ski lift that zooms up and a spinning carousel.




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Thanks for sharing this video. It is strange seeing everyone sit so "properly" with this type of music. Is the group from Italy?

That sounds like a great concert and perfect for getting you in an upbeat Christmas spirit.

And I absolutely love all the Venice Santa photos. I have enjoyed your Venice photos throughout the year.

Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Years.


Girasoli, they are from Venice! At the concert I saw, people started off sitting properly but were dancing by the end of it.

Marta, thank you! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday and enjoying the winter wonderland out your way!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Merry Christmas Annie! I love this post! They certainly got me toe tapping to the beat. That would probably be one of my highlights too if I had the pleasure of attending one of their concerts. And I love concerts when they are played in Churches. The acoustics are fabulous and there is such an uplifting spiritual connection too.

I love all the hanging Santas, especially the one hanging on the ladder above the canal! And that little snowy scene reminds me of Cortina! So beautiful. And those cute charlie brown trees . . . I hope some nice family bought them!

I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas Annie and a wonderful and Safe New Year. I have treasured all your posts throughout the year and have fallen in love with the many beautiful churches in Venice because of them! I am so looking forward to reading more in 2009! I know it will be awesome reads!

Have a wonderful Christmas - all the best in 2009!

Your shots from Venice are outstanding!

Somehow I missed all of your Santa pictures! They are so cool!! I love the holiday village and the Christmas picture too :)

Kathy, I agree with you about concerts in churches. Perfect place to hear music! And thanks SO much for your friendship and all of your positive feedback about my blog. I hope that you and your sister and her family are having a wonderful holiday!

Jerry, thank you so much! I hope that 2009 is a wonderful year for you and for us all.

Girasoli, thanks! I hope that you are having a nice holiday and break from work in beautiful Hawaii!


A belated Merry Christmas, Annie! I had a bit of computer trouble and couldn't see the Joy Singers for some time. They are great -- I had never before heard of an Italian gospel choir (which goes to show how little I know) Their show must have been fantastic, you really want to move to their music!

I love your photos from pre-Christmas Venice, poor Santa! And all those little Charlie Brown trees are so cute (and they seem to be holding on to their needles very well, unlike the original Peanuts tree!)


Awesome choir, I love their rousing performance!

I must have a look at my "hanging Santa" photo and see if it is the same as any of those you've shared above! Too funny.

Sandra, Italian gospel was a surprise to me too (a very cool surprise)! I really hope that I get a chance to hear them in person again someday. Hope you are having a nice holiday!

Anne, I want to check your hanging Santa too. I kept seeing them all over the place! I saw one for sale in a shop and was tempted but it was too big and bulky to pack and bring home. Happy Holidays!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, Hope your Christmas with your nephews was fun, I'm sure it was!

And just in case I don't have Wi-Fi connection, I just wanted to stop in really quick before I leave to wish you and your family a really wonderful New Year!

I can still remember the announcement Kim made about your blog and when I first read it I knew your blog was destined to be something very special and that you were such a wealth of information and insight. And you're such a nice person too! It made my 3rd trip to Venice the best ever because I was able to discover the incredible beauty of the many wonderful churches in Venice, still one of my most favorite cities in the world. And thanks so much for being my "AI" and "Cool One" buddy too!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year Annie!

Hi Kathy, thank you so much for this wonderful message! I hope that you have
a wonderful time and that your holidays continue to be lots of fun. I had a
blast with the nephews...it's fun to be around kids who still "believe" and
are so excited by the magic of it all.

Thank you SO much for all your positive comments and messages this year. I
am so grateful to have met you via Slow Travel and I love the way we can
visit each other's blogs and share our travels and Obama joy and AI opinions
(and I can't forget the Cool One!).

Many blessings to you in 2009! thanks, Annie

P.S. I hope that Santa brings you Italy and a kitten!

Awesome singers and what a great performance! I'd love to see them in person.

I have a photo of a hanging Santa and I believe it is the same one Anne has, on Rio Trapolin near Campo San Marziale. I checked my photo and it is not one of your Santas.

Hope you're having a fun weekend.

I just read on Girasoli’s blog that your birthday was yesterday. Happy Birthday! Buon Compleanno! Hope you had a lovely and restful day. Wishing you all the best in the coming year. Cin Cin.

Maria, thank you! I did have a very nice day and did as little as possible, which was fun!

The climbing/hanging/falling Santas really crack me up, but it's especially funny that you and Anne saw one in October! I wonder if some people just leave them up all year long.


Belated Merry Christmas and happy birthday to you! All the best for the new year!


Thanks Chiocciola! All the best to you too as we count down the hours to the new year (and count down the days until Jan. 20!).

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