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Tuesday morning and afternoon

I am a slack blogger...I just haven't been able to find time to do it! I've been on the go all day and then have been coming back to the B&B and crashing at night after my bubble bath. But all is well and I'm having a wonderful time. I would love to know how many miles I've walked!

I am also a slack lapsed non-Catholic. I skipped the Mass yesterday morning because when I woke up and saw blue skies, I decided to stay outside and walk and take photos instead. What a glorious day...the nicest one yet. I took the vaporetto down to Sant Elena and visited that church for the first time and then spent the rest of the day zig-zagging through Castello. I found so many amazing shrines! Some of them are very large, more like tiny chapels, very beautiful and cool.

I'm meeting so many nice people from all over the world. On Sunday, I had a Slow Trav GTG with "Just Travel" and her husband, and it was so much fun to talk to them. They are here for three months! One night at dinner, I sat next to two school teachers from Australia who are on a two-month long European holiday. This morning, I had breakfast with a very sweet young couple from Singapore, and I enjoyed talking to them. And then last night at La Zucca I met two guys from North Carolina...how freaky is that!?!

It's funny but every day since I arrived, people have stopped me to ask for directions. Once it was a British family but all the others have been lost Italians here in Venice on holiday. Too funny esp. since I have actually been able to help them figure out where they were and which direction to head. I guess I look like I know where I am going, even when I don't!

The first night at La Zucca, I was too full to order dessert so last night, I only ordered one course (the vegetarian plate) and then got dessert....chestnut mousse with chocolate sauce. Awesome....who cares if it has 100 calories per bite? I have been getting plenty of exercise! That vegetarian plate is such a great bargain....14 euro for some of the most delicious veggies I've had in my life. Love that place.

Okay, time to head out. Today I am spending the day roaming in Santa Croce and San Polo. Ciao!

Tuesday afternoon:

There is some acqua alta (flooding) in the forecast for tomorrow morning and also for Thursday night. Not as bad as last week but they tell us there might be a few inches of water here in the Bed and Breakfast. They are going to roll up the carpets and move everything on ground floor upstairs.

They have boots we can borrow so I might be sloshing out the door in the morning!

Had a very nice day today. Visited a bunch of churches including several new ones. And then revisited Santa Maria dei Miracoli and that church was filled with white flowers, lilies and roses, from the Mary festa yesterday, and I just sat there and breathed for a while. Aromatherapy!

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I don't think you're a slacker . . . . you're a travel blogger having a wonderful time in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

It sounds like you are really enjoying all your new discoveries and I cannot wait to see your photos and hear your descriptions when you return. Glad to hear that you're meeting a lot of nice people . . . I think that's one of the best things about traveling. Sounds like you had a really nice GTG too. And that's so cool that you're able to help people with directions. You know Venice so well.

That's funny that I got stopped for a lecture and you get stopped for directions. :) It's probably clear to people that you are a person that knows Venice!

Glad that the sun came out to give you photo opps! Your dinner and dessert sounds delicious . . . did you have a gelato yet! :)

Enjoy your day and keep on having fun!


Thanks Kathy! I dont feel so slack now. No gelato yet...it is a little bit too cold although if they had their fig gelato on the menu at La Zucca, I would get it. I did have a cup of the most delicious hot chocolate this afternoon at a little no-name bar!

Today a French couple stopped me on the top of the Rialto bridge and asked me which way to San Marco. That one was easy!!!

Thanks for your comments!

Kathy (Trek Capri):

Hi Annie, sounds like you had a greatday today with the new churches you were able to visit. And the white flowers with there nice fragrances sounds so wonderful.

That's very nice that your B & B will loan you boots so you don' t have to buythose temporary yellow ones.

Stay dry and continue to have a wonderful time Annie.


Hi Annie, it really IS hard to travel and blog at the same time! Especially when you don't have your own laptop, so you could write and file from the bubble bath if need be! Last January in Rome, I was so spoiled -- I took my laptop because I was staying in the apartment (with wireless) for two weeks. It made life so easy , I could look at weather forecasts, a little news, and best of all, blog whenever I felt like (usually late at night after some wine.....)

Do you find as a solo traveler that people assume you must be local? I find that quite often -- I guess because it's often assumed that travelers must come in pairs or clusters, like grapes. Even in stores, I would get that (and I must confess, I love it -- those few seconds where I can almost believe I live here, until I have to open my mouth and English pops out!)

Continue to have a wonderful time, what exciting stories you'll have to tell about the acqua alta.

Kathy (Trek Capri):

Hi Annie, sounds like you had a great day today with the new churches you were able to visit. And the white flowers with there nice fragrances sounds so wonderful.

That's very nice that your B & B will loan you boots so you don' t have to buy those temporary yellow ones.

Stay dry and continue to have a wonderful time Annie.

Oh it all sounds so great!! Especially the being taken for a local, very cool. And I can't wait till you get back and write wonderful articles about all those shrines. One day I'm gonna pay you to be my guide in Venice!!

So wonderful to read this! Hope you keep your feet dry. I've only wet mine twice in eight trips.

You are not a slack blogger! And I love your declaration as a slack lapsed non-Catholic! Cracked me up!! I am glad the sun was out. I would have skipped mass also (although I am an official catholic/non-catholic slacker).

I am sure you are walking off all of your calories so just enjoy! Wow, more acqua alta. Take photos! Interesting how they roll up the rug and move upstairs.

Enjoy and don't fall into the grand canal (mistaking it for part of the road in the acqua alta!!

I'm reading now your posts from last week and catching up where I left reading last time.

I smiled when I read that you skipped mass in order to enjoy the great weather. I would have done the same thing and then gone to mass in the evening.

In my quest to find the shrine of the Madonna dell'Orto I came across a large shrine painted in green of St. Anthony. It was the largest I've seen so far. I have a photo that I'll post when I blog about Venice.

The desert at La Zucca sounded divine!

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