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Wednesday afternoon

I woke up to the acqua alta alarm at 5:30 AM this morning. It sounds more like chimes than sirens (so Venetian!) but it WAS loud enough to wake me up. Then I went back to sleep until 8 AM and when I got up and looked out, there was water everywhere. Not much inside the B and B but the courtyard right outside was a lake. So I put on the rubber boots and headed down to the piazza which was completely filled with water. Went into the Basilica and upstairs to the balcony to take some photos. The seagulls were floating around and it really did look like a lake! And there was quite a bit of water inside the church. By noon, the water had gone down. It will be back later tonight around 10 pm and then again tomorrow morning. The one tomorrow is supposed to be higher than the one today.

It rained off and on all day today but the wind that brought the high water was from the south, so today was the warmest day since I arrived. I wandered around for most of the day and then the wind got very strong and after the second time my umbrella turned inside out, I'd had enough and came back home and took an early bath!

Now I'm sitting in the locanda lounge, drinking a glass of wine and checking email etc. A singing gondolier just rowed by! Going to La Zucca tonight and I have tentative plans to head to Padua tomorrow to see the Giotto frescoes. I have a reservation at the Scrovegni Chapel for 2 pm and I hope that the floods won't prevent me from getting there. Should be an adventure!

Thanks to everyone for the comments!

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Hi Annie

That must've been a sight to see the acqua alta like that with the seagulls floating. I remember last year the sirens went off for me too and I also went back to sleep and woke up later to silence. It was sort of strange to me at first. Good thing you had those rubber boots. Those photos you shot of the high waters must be something.

I didn't realize there was a way for them to
predict high waters. No wonder the Venetians
seem so prepared with the boards.

I hope the predicted high waters for tomorrow
won't be too bad and you can head over to
Padua to see the frescos. I bet they are h
very beautiful.

That singing gondalier wasn't Roberto by any chance?

Have a nice evening Annie! Sounds like you
have been really enjoying yourself so far and I'm really enjoying reading your blog!

Keep on having a wonderful time!

Oh my gosh! Have a great day. I am thinking of you. :)

I'm sorry to hear that the acqua alta made a comeback. I heard the sound of the sirens on Nan's blog and they do sound like chimes.
I hope that the flooding doesn't prevent you from going to Padua. I was there seven years ago but missed seeing the frescoes but did enjoy the lovely city.

Stay dry!

Good luck with the floods. It sounds like you are prepared for them. I think I'd find them exciting. I can't wait to see the pictures of the Piazza

I just checked my Venice webcam widget. It is still dark. You can see the reflections of the lights and the clock tower in the water.

I hope your day is not ruined from the acqua alta. I have read that it will be very high again. Does the train station and the train tracks flood? At least it was warmer for you.

Nan's blog has a recording of the sirens.


Annie! I didn't even know you were in Venice. Thanks to girasoli for posting that you were blogging! It sounds fab so far - I am looking forward to reading more...


Thanks everyone, it is 9 am and while the water is high, it is not higher than it was yesterday. The forecast improved overnight and the folks here at the Locanda are very relieved. But there is more on the way tonight and again in the morning.

Kathy, i did not know it either but they have a number they can call for constant updates about the projected height of the flood waters.

Anyway, it is supposed to rain all day but i should not have any trouble getting to Padua.


How cool, to have heard the sirens! I have to go check out the sound on Nan's blog.

It is a shock, isn't it, to see the Piazza San Marco turn into a lake. But I'm glad to hear that the weather was warm, even if it was raining.

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