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A few more party photos

Touching the tortoise:


My younger nephew Davis with the hamster and his friend (wearing Davis' Indiana Jones hat) with the guinea pig:


Mason got a lot of presents but his favorite seemed to be this book called "How To Draw Animals." He is such an animal lover and he's a good little artist too. As you can see, some of his buddies were very interested in it too. I love seeing kids interested in books (and art!).

how to draw animals

Snake on the cake:


You know, I wasn't scared of the snakes. I didn't want to hold them but they didn't creep me out at all. I think that what's scary about snakes is being surprised by one outside (or inside - twice now I've found a snake inside my house and it scared the daylights out of me). But these snakes just weren't scary.

There were about 15 kids at the party and only about five of them wanted to hold a snake, though some of them did want to touch it. I didn't hold the snake either or any of the lizards. I petted the rabbit and that was it. I did think that this albino king snake was pretty cool-looking (I've never seen an albino snake before):


Mr. Lizard:


Another one of the birthday boy:


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Wow, Annie, that looks like quite the party! And quite the ménagerie. I love that tortoise, and the lizard. I would have enjoyed holding either of them! Or the rabbit, or the GP.

Your nephew will have wonderful memories and great archival material to look back on. The photo of him wrapped in snakes is priceless!


I can see how people who love animals and are not afraid of them would think this is a wonderful party. I'm glad Mason is not afraid... but it would freak me out and I'd probably dream of snakes... oooh, I'm glad I wasn't invited...LOL

Such a cool party for a kid! Your nephew look so thrilled. What great memories he will have. Thanks for sharing all of these photos :)

Oh my that looks so scary! I let out a loud "gasp" when I saw the photo where he has the snake around his waist!!

I am the opposite of you - I don't mind seeing snakes outside in their habitat but I freak out when I see them handled by people, especially when they try to take the snake towards me.

Glad to hear the party was fun though!! Mason is so cute!

Oh, I remember that age with my son whose now in his 20s.. brings back fond memories. Just love the inquisitiveness and simplicity of what gives young boys joy at that age. Looks like the party was a success. Menehune

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, from all the great big smiles in your photos, it looks like your nephew and his guests all had a really fun time! I think that tortoise is pretty cool too.

That's so great that your nephew Mason and the other kids were so interested in the book on how to draw animals.

Thanks for sharing more photos of the party. I'm glad your nephew and his friends had a fun time! Have a great evening, tomorrow's the big day!

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