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Blessing our new President


What a great day it was! The ceremony was so beautiful with so many unforgettable moments, songs, and images. And when I woke up this morning and heard on TV that he was already at work in the Oval Office, I couldn't have been happier.

This was forwarded in an email - I think it's making the rounds in cyberspace but I wanted to share it here. It's an inter-faith grassroots blessing and prayer circle for our President. Yesterday when he got out of the car and was walking in the parade, I immediately said a prayer for his safety. Then later I read this email and it just feels like a great thing to do.

We feel it’s important to extend a special blessing of spiritual support and protection to President Barack Obama, and we invite you to join in with us in whatever way works for you: prayer, meditation, ritual blessing, song, affirmations, whatever…

Let your heart-light and conscious blessing surround President Obama, nurture and sustain him, gently yet firmly protect him from all reactive, misguided intent, and support him with the spirit of mutual empowerment, hope, freedom, and change that he is bringing so profoundly into American politics and, truly, into the social contract of all humankind.

Whatever you do, however you do it, we suggest that you make a point of dedicating a few minutes each day to this blessing, support, and extension of spiritual protection to President Barack Obama. Any time that works for you, whether it’s a regular time each day or not, will contribute to our united efforts.


Some amazing numbers in today's paper about how many North Carolinians watched the ceremony. They are calling it the "Snowbama effect" since many of us were snowed in at home on Inauguration Day. The ratings were higher than on a typical Super Bowl Sunday!

While I'm sure that the rare snow day did boost the ratings, there were a lot of people (like me) who'd already planned to take the day off before the snow came.

From today's News and Observer:

"Nielsen numbers show that more than 51 percent of the households in the Raleigh-Durham TV market were tuned in for the daylong festivities -- the highest concentration in the nation and a higher percentage than even in President Barack Obama's hometown of Chicago.

For the nation as a whole, just under 30 percent of households watched the inauguration."


And this is a wonderful "letter to my daughters."

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Nice sentiments. He will need our prayers.


What a glorious day!

I was also thrilled to hear he was hard a work today.

I was pretty nervous yesterday when he got out of the car to walk during the parade, especially since the first part was not planned. I would be a nervous wreck being one of the Secret Service men (or are there women now also?). Thanks for sharing the email. Haven't seen it yet.

My friend bought me the Star Bulletin today. She knows just how much the inauguration meant to me yesterday. I was also able to get a copy of the Honolulu Advertiser for a couple of souvenirs (missed getting a paper after the election).

Thanks for sharing the email. He will need all our help - on earth and above.


LOVE the prayer, I add my voice to all those saying it. I've been thinking of you and my other American blog friends a lot this week. What an amazing speech Obama gave, I had goosebumps in parts. Sara had tears (and was not the only one!) MN's class even watched the ceremony on the TV in their classroom, and she thought it was "awesome".

Thanks everyone.

Anne, that is so cool that your daughters were watching too! It really felt like an unusually special global moment, when we were all united no matter where we lived. I got an email today from this beautiful young lady from Singapore who I met in Venice last month...she saw it too and just wanted to check in and say "way to go!"

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, thanks for sharing this prayer. I also found myself saying a prayer to keep him and his family safe right after he was sworn in. This is a wonderful prayer. I will add my prayers along with everyone else's.

Higher ratings than Superbowl! Cool! I love the Snowbama snowman photo!

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