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Calle Stella

A fairy tale corner of Venice, this little courtyard has a charming blue shrine with flowers and lace and a colorful Madonna inside, a nice vera da pozzo with plants on top, and fluttering laundry. Pretty perfect!




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Annie, that is a charming little corner and a delightful shrine.

And I do love the laundry hanging over the vera da pozzo. I've said this before, but I so admire the way Italians blend beauty into their every-day life. Things of beauty and historic value aren't all hidden away for only a few eyes; similarly, mundane elements of life, like laundry, also aren't hidden away like something secret or shameful.

Oh my - how lovely! :)

Leslie, thanks! Another beautiful spot in Castello.

Sandra, it was funny because when I told one of my Venetian friends that I love seeing and photographing laundry, he shook his head and rolled his eyes. He was probably thinking, "Americans!" but to me, the laundry shows that it's still a living city. Plus, it looks nice next to all the old stones.

Quite lovely. I have to start taking notes from your blog for the next time I visit Venice (I love the laundry too:-)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I love this little fairytale corner in Venice too! That is a very pretty shrine. I love the lace hanging from it. That last photo is so cool. Even the colors of the building and the bricks looks cool.

I also found that when I was photographing a canal or some potted plants around Venice, I also noticed the hanging laundry and often took the photo soley because it.

Wonderful post Annie!

I love the charming shrine and all the other figurines added to the image of the Madonna. I find very touching these little manifestations of spirituality and devotion.

I also like to take pictures of laundry. On my last day in Venice last October, I took pictures of "my" neighborhood and took a couple of shots of a laundry line with the jacket and striped shirt of a gondolier. For some strange reason I thought it was funny and cute.

Menehune, thank you. I hope you get back to Venice soon.

Kathy, I agree with you about the bricks. Venice is so well known for its marble and "high-end" stone, but she also has the most beautiful bricks in the world! I guess it's the age and maybe the salt water spray, but they are so lovely to be "just bricks."

Maria, I find them very touching too. So sweet. And I want to see your gondolier laundry photo!

I'm a little late to the party here but yes, definitely a fairy tale corner - I loved that description! Yet another wonderful Venice secret you are letting us share with you.

How did I miss this post? Beautiful photos. Lovely spot. I agree, the laundry gives it such charm. I also love the colors in these photos.

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