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Fog and Sun


Almost everyone takes a photo of this classic Venetian view, with the church of San Giorgio Maggiore in the distance behind the gondolas parked next to the Piazzetta San Marco. This is the winter version of the scene, taken early one morning when it was sunny and foggy at the same time. The fog soon burned off but it looked pretty cool for a while.

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Annie, that's an extraordinary photo -- the fog gives the shot something special!

Oh my stars! That is the best Venice photo I have ever seen. :)

Oh Annie, I LOVE this photo! This is one of my favorite views. The fog makes it extra special.

This is an excellent photo. I love the atmospheric appearance with the fog along with the light and dark areas.


How beautiful!


Wow Annie, what a beautiful photo!! There is such a mystical and magical quality to this shot, it is stunning, ethereal, glorious - I can't say enough about it! It really reflects the Venice I fell in love with in March 06, thanks for sharing this wonderful shot.

Thanks everyone. As I've been going thru my photos, I've gotten a bit bummed about all the grey skies and wet pavement but every once in a while, I find one like this that makes me think Venice in Winter looks pretty good. :)


By the way, I see you read Jerry's rant about how people came to his blog in Dec - wasn't that hysterical? My eyes were streaming with tears...I tried to read a few of his comments to Dave but literally couldn't talk. My goodness, Jerry cracks me up sometimes.

Yes, it was hilarious! I love reading Jerry's "how did they get here" column every month. I've started collecting some of my bizarro search terms too; I don't have nearly as many funny ones as Jerry but at some point, I'm going to blog about mine too. :)

Fabulous photo! I went to that spot but at sundown on my last day in Venice. It was a magical moment until a huge cruise ship got on the way.

Maria, that's another plus about Venice in Winter...no cruise ships!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Awesome Photo Annie! I love it!

Thanks Kathy! Good to hear from you - hope you had a wonderful holiday. Glad you're back online!

Spectacular photo - thanks for sharing! menehune

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