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Happy Birthday to Mason!

My nephew Mason is eight years old today! Here he is a couple of weeks ago, holding Maria, the kitten that he and his brother rescued from the middle of the highway and brought to me.


Both of them are growing up so fast and while it's truly a wonderful blessing to watch young beings grow, sometimes I just want to freeze the clock...it's all going by so fast.

The big birthday bash is this weekend and because the boys are going through a big-time Indiana Jones phase, there's going to be an 8-foot long python at the party. Mason told me that I can hold it and have my picture made with it if I want. Everyone at the party can have their picture made with the snake, he said, and boy is he excited about that.

I love being an aunt more than anything, but I'm less than enthused about going to a party with an enormous snake. But I will be there with bells on. I'm gonna take my camera and use that as an excuse to NOT hold the snake. :)

This was taken eight months ago, on the day they found the kitten:


I subscribe to a "thought of the day" email service and after I put this post up, this quote came in and was so perfect that I decided to add it to this entry.

Children and animals are supremely attractive because they are honest and they live in the innocence we long to recapture. -- Alan Cohen

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Barb Cabot:

He's adorable and I love the RED hair! Such a sweet photo with the kitten.

Not sure who is cuter - Mason or Maria...and both seem to have grown quickly. There use to be a show a long (long) time ago called "Kids say the darnest thing' - so true, huh? I'm sure you secretly do wish to hold that snake! Happy Birthday to Mason.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, these photos are so adorable! How fast they both grew in only eight months! Happy Birthday wishes to your nephew Mason! The Indiana themed party sounds cool, except for maybe the 8 foot long phython! Yikes. I hope the camera excuse works! :)

You are so lucky to have such cool nephews in your life Annie! I just love how Mason is affectionately holding Maria (in both photos). Have a great party weekend!

The "kids" are both adorable - but a snake at a party? Two thumbs down!! So scary!!


Happy (belated) birthday to Mason!! LOVE the red hair (not that am biased because of my own red-headed daughter or anything...lol)

I think the party sounds uber-cool, but I like snakes...and I am a "Slightly Dorky High Nerd" after all!

Thanks for letting me know about the Feb daily blog thing, I haven't been on the ST board much lately so might have missed it there. Will have to go see who's planning to take up the challenge!


What adorable photos, Annie! Mason is so good-looking and, as Kathy noted, both he and Maria have grown so fast in the past 8 months.

I love the idea of the Indy Jones party -- what a great theme. Like Indy himself, I could definitely live happily without ever touching a snake. But, at least it isn't an 8-foot long clown. That would be even worse!

Happy Birthday, Mason! I remember seeing that sweet photo eight months ago. Time sure flies! They both have grown so much.

I don't like snakes. When we were in Marrakech, a snake charmer wanted to drape a snake over my shoulder. I almost died of fear.

My son was (and still is) a big Indiana Jones fan. He had the whip and the hat and dreams of becoming an archaeologist.

Thanks everyone!

Sandra, I am cracking up about your comment. I have to agree with you...a snake IS better than a clown!

I've since learned that there will be other animals at the party in addition to the snake...turtles, rabbits, ferrets, and more. It should be a VERY interesting celebration!


Happy late birthday to Mason.!! I hope you post the pics from the birthday party. I have a young great-nephew named Mason. Mine has blond hair. Don't get too close to the snake!

Thanks Ann. I'll try to post some party photos!

Happy Birthday Mason! I can't believe how much Maria has grown. Now who is bringing that snake to the party? I just love that quote. Have fun at the party.


Annie, aren't clowns seriously scary? I once turned on my heel and fled a Safeway grocery store because they had a clown at the entrance -- allegedly giving away balloons. Giving away nightmares, more likely!

Girasoli, it's some Crocodile Hunter-type dude that you can hire to come and bring his menagerie (sp?) to your kids' parties. :) I'm really kinda excited to check the whole thing out.

Sandra, you're hilarious! I'm not really terrified of clowns, I just don't like them very much. Most of the ones I've ever seen have been kinda sad and creepy and NOT funny. I know that the first time Mason went to the circus (when he was about 3 or so), he was very afraid of the clowns and did NOT want to get close to them.


I'm with Sandra on the clown thing. I saw a John Candy movie eons ago called The Clown Murders and it scarred me for life! I find them totally sinister and creepy! Definitely rather meet up with a snake in a dark alley than a clown!

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