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Mason's Art

This is for Maria I...in her comment on my Ruskin post, she asked to see one of my nephew's drawings. He did this one about a year ago, and the next time that I'm over at his house, I'll get something he's done more recently. But I was very impressed by this one because you can tell that he was starting to get a real grasp on perspective. I should start dating this stuff on the back, but I know that this one is older because we have definitely moved out of the SpiderMan phase and are now firmly into the Indiana Jones phase. :)

mason spiderman

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How old was he when he drew this? This is a great drawing. I love the way he made all the windows. Lots of nice detail.


Great Artist !!

Oh Annie, he certainly has a lot of talent! Cool drawing of a cityscape with Spiderman. Not only Mason already has a grasp on perspective but he also knows the basics of scale and distance. And he can draw a human figure (as much as Spiderman can be considered human). Awesome!

I’d love to see a drawing about Indiana Jones. My 29 yr. old son has been a fan since elementary school.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, your nephew is very good. I agree about his talent to capture perspective. It also looks 3-Dimensional too. Very cool!

Thanks for sharing it with us.

Girasoli, I'm not sure how old he was. 6 maybe? I've got a whole drawer of stuff that he and Davis have done and I really should keep up with the dates.

Thanks Ann!

Maria, that is funny that your son remains an Indy fan. I've been wondering when my boys would move out of the Indy phase and maybe they won't!

Kathy, thanks! It does look kinda 3-D, doesn't it?

Wow Annie, this is a great three-dimensional drawing. He is very talented at this.

Candi, thanks. I think he's talented too (but I'm a proud aunt!). I mentioned this on another thread, but he's going to start taking art lessons this week and he's really excited about it. I can't wait to see what all he does.


Very interesting, Annie! As others have said, Mason does seem to really "get" perspective, which I think must be very difficult.

I hope he enjoys his art lessons!

That is amazing art for a 6 year old. He is much better than me! I still draw stick figures :)

Girasoli, I draw stick figures too. And everything I draw looks very flat!

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