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PhotoHunt: Aftermath


This week's theme is "aftermath."

These photos show the Aftermath of a Hurricane. Last fall, the remnants of a hurricane came though and while there wasn't any wind or destruction, we did have a couple of days of torrential rain.

About a week later, my yard had turned into a forest of mushrooms. There were hundreds of them of so many shapes, sizes, and colors. It was very cool and for a couple of weeks, I went out every day and took shroom photos. Here are a few of my faves:



A few more below:




Happy Weekend!
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Beautiful pics of the mushrooms :) Happy photo hunting!

They are beautiful. I wonder if they are edible. We get warned by authorities to watch out for wild mushrooms as people like me can't tell the edibles from the poisonous :)

Nice take.

I love mushrooms. Those are great shots. Good idea for the aftermath theme.

I wished I was there to shoot some of those shots. Those mushrooms are so beautiful! :)

Thanks for sharing this Annie :)


What beautiful shots. Fungi have a certain beauty. Happy weekend


Oh, what great shots of the mushrooms!

Happy Weekend.

great photos...awesome for the theme...

beautiful shots. it must be wonderful to stroll around yr garden when mushrooms are in season

i like the close ups of mushroom. they make beautiful subjects dont they. I might try that as a photographic project

Cool post for this week!!!! Hope you can visit my corner too... Have a great weekend!

Those mushrooms look so pretty. So colorful!

Those are very lovely shots. I specially like the first and the last one.

I think they're beautiful, will be interesting to have kids see them and together identify which are poisoners and which are not :P

These are very cool and unique mushrooms! I guess they are inedible.

Happy weekend!

I have never seen mushrooms like those! The ones that grow in my yard are the boring, brown kind.

What an interesting thing, that mushrooms came up like that! Great take on this weeks theme. I've been gone for a few months from Photo Hunt and found your hunt photo at Jams...Come visit me when you can!


What an amazing aftermath! Beautiful shots! :)

First time I've seen these types of mushroom.

Great photos.

I think mushrooms are so interesting- so fast growing and- some edible and some killers

Wow - fabulous photos! :)

Cool photos and idea for this week's theme! We also get mushrooms growing here after heavy rain. Strange huh? Happy Weekend!!

Wow, so many varieties of mushrooms! So colorful but maybe these are poisonous, hope not

i love the first pic most. stunning

Great shots - not what I was expecting when you said 'remnants of a hurricane'.


Mushrooms are so fascinating and beautiful. I've not seen these before.


I like that orange mushroom too. Like lifted from a fairy tale book. :)

Those are some great images of mushrooms. I'm amazed that you had so many different varieties growing in your backyard. My aftermath is also the result of a hurricane, but is a little less pleasing to look at.


I love the second picture with the texture on the mushroom. I'm surprised at the bright orange color...I thought they were always brown. Great photos.

If you have time my photo hunt is here:

Here's mine.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great theme photo idea. I'm also surprised at the variety of the mushrooms . . . and also the colors are cool on some of them. Great close-up photos!

Have a great weekend!


Annie, another good take on the theme, connecting the mushroom event to the storm. Love the way you think.

Wow - they are so pretty but the last one is a beauty! Happy weekend!

Those are beautiful pictures of mushrooms. I like the take on aftermath. It is so true that you'll find a good crop of mushrooms after a good fall rain. Nice post.

Oh those are gorgeous! Mushrooms are among my favorite things to photograph. Nice take on aftermath!

Wow, you sure do get a lot of different mushrooms. We only get the plain white ones. Great choice for this theme.

Have a great weekend!


I think mushrooms are the neatest things and some are so beautiful.
Good take on the theme.

Really great interpretation - mushrooms are interesting to hunt - I mean shoot! Menehune

Gorgeous photos of fungi! What a great photo subject! You have quite a variety in your yard! Love the photos. Thanks!


Hey... I didn't play this week, but came to see what you put up... Great idea for this week's theme.. Beautiful pictures of mushrooms and toadstools...

What a great post for 'aftermath'
Who would have known?


Amazing! The story and the photos. I love mushrooms, and how cool that all these beauties invaded your lawn!

That is the coolest mushroom I've ever seen!

Great photos - I especially love the last one! That little red mushroom is so cute! (Probably poisonous, though...)

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