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PhotoHunt: Chipped


This week's theme is "chipped." This theme is kinda challenging! I'm curious to see what everyone does for this one. Here's what I came up with (one in Venice, and one in NC).

A canal in Venice. The rising water has chipped the stucco off that yellow building.


And here in NC, a truck on a used car lot. It's "chips" not "chipped" but hey, like I said, this theme is hard!


Have a good weekend everyone. And Happy Chinese New Year (year of the Ox)!

You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

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Comments (41)

I toyed with the idea of potato chips too :)

I like the Venice and chipped stucco a lot. I too am curious as to what the others will show. You did marvelous, as always.

You can keep the 1st photo but I don't mind having the REAL chips in the second.. haha. Nice shots Annie. :)


I love both!
But prefer Venice ;)
Great take on the theme.

Those are both great shots for the theme. The first one is beautiful and clever to think of chips and use the second one. Happy weekend.

Very nice shots. I love the yellow colour on the wall.

Great shots. I would love to live in the first but since I could never afford to live there I will console myself with the second!

Happy weekend


I want to go to Venice!

I love the shrine in the previous post too.

Cool catch for this week theme, Mine's up too. Happy weekend!

To me, i prefer the first pic. It has relevance to me as it represents something new , another world. The second pic..is quite commonplace and my kid and I are always arguing abt his over dependence on chips instead of real nutritional food hahahahah

Happy Year of the Ox

Great takes on the theme! Lovely shots! I LOVE Venice!

I liked the chipped stucco, but I really like the potato chips!

Oh well done for this week! Hope your weekend is going well. :)

Nice shots Annie.


The theme was so hard I almost thought of not 'playing' Photo Hunter this week! But you did good! :)

Yes it is true this theme is a little bit hard. Anyway you have a good choice. Happy weekend.


That was a wonderful idea... I could only think of chipped china... and you thought of two ...

This week was a hard one. Nice take for the theme. Happy weekend!

Those are both great for the theme!

Wow, I can do both, ride in the boat and eat Ruffles :)

i prefer chipped pineapple tarts during CNY!!! haha!

Wow! Beautiful take on the theme... and yah, it is hard hehe

Great ideas - I never thought of chipped paint in venice - I have lots of those pics! Your second idea is a great one too! It made me smile.

I have similar shots from Venice but didn't even think of using them. Isn't it a great place to visit? You've been quite a few times. Wow!
Loved the shot of the potato chip truck.


Great pics. I like both, but the Venice one is gorgeous! It really must be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Great idea to use this one!

Your second pic made me smile. And hungry for some snacks!

Great shot of Venice and the second one made me laugh.

i like the Venice pic but the second pic got me hungry. Would it be better if i take the 2nd pic along while i go around Venice?


Those are both great ideas for "chipped"! Nicely done :)

Venice... Perfetto!
this was a hard week :-)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great theme photo selections. The beauty of Venice, chipped off stucco and all! Loved the reflection in the canal too. The second one is cute...but we need some dip for those babies! :)

Have a great weekend!

I think both photos are excellent for this weeks theme! Love that chipped paint! gorgeous photo! MY hunt is up please come for a visit

well, the chips are chipped, after all, aren't they?! ;) nice pics!


Two good choices for the theme. I marvel at Venice...can't imagine how the homes aren't filled with mold and/or "rot" out from below. Pretty though! :-)

Wonderful photos, but the Venice shot is remarkable!! I wonder how it is, living in a canal like that all the time?

I did Photo Hunters today, too. I hope you get a chance to visit.

I think both are excellent for this week's theme. I love the photo of the truck.

These are great! Love your take on 'chipped'. It sure was a challenge.

Looks like in the first photo they got flooded out a lot. Must be hard to make repairs from the water. Great post.

You can't beat Ruffles for the theme chipped but the Venice canal photo is a great shot.

If you have time stop and see my photo hunt.

JyLnC's Chipped

Very clever ideas! I love both of them :) This week was hard, but next week is really stumping me! Finally got mine up.

You're lucky having two photos with a different approach on this week theme.
Both of 'em are great..

Excellent choices! I can never tire of looking at pictures of Venice. This was a challenging theme and I almost didn't participate, until I saw the lion pictures. Hope you're having a fun weekend.

Excellent photos! :) I've never been to Venice before, so especially like that one. But love the creative 'chipped' truck too :)

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