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PhotoHunt: Furry


This week's theme is "furry."

My cats can't believe that I'm not posting one of the hundreds of photos I have taken of them for "furry"!

But I couldn't resist the green furry-looking moss on these old statues I saw on the island of Torcello in the Venetian lagoon. I might have to do "Furry, Part Two" next week to keep the cats happy though. :)



You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Happy Super Bowl weekend everyone!

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Comments (45)

Now this is a great take on the theme. The moss does look like fur. Happy weekend.

it's amazingly beautiful!!! I always love to go to Venice, hopefully someday, sooner.

I love moss in general but particularly like furry moss on statues. These are wonderful shots for the furry theme.

You sure know how to show great Venetian stuff. Those furry moss filled statues sure qualified for the theme. :)



Wonderful, Annie! (And maybe if you distract the cats, they won't notice that they were shunned in this photohunt!)

Sooo great! Great idea to equate furry with mossy ...

BTW: Here's the link for the tangerine honey:


Quite creative choice for this week!

Happy Weekend.

Wow - great pictures for this week! :)


That second one looks really creepy!

Liz, I'd love to know who she is! Annie

Wow, who would have thought these mold would be "furry-like"?

Is it scary to go there? I mean for young children?

Julie, no it's not scary at all, it's just very very old, and there's some moss growing on the old garden statues. Young children might be bored but I don't think they'd be afraid. :) Annie


that's a great take on the theme, i doubt anyone else will have similar photos!


Wow.. that is certainly interesting looking "furry" moss. Love those shots!


Good on you for going for something different for this week's Photo Hunt! :)

Beautiful shots. Very unusual and interesting.

It is interesting!...happy weekend.

I actually like those green furry moss, I'm actually trying to grow them on my water fountain :P

WOW. those are awesome GREAT take on the theme!

Wow, very unusual! A little creepy but very cool photos.


Nice take on the theme, different from the usual furry dogs and cats. Here's mine http://www.mirasblog.com/2009/01/photo-hunt-5-furry.html


I love these!! Furry moss...how cool! Glad to see something totally unique :)

much better than cat pics. looks amazingly fur like just the color is different.


I really like your version of Furry. And I'm sure that the cats don't mind ;)

It's really arty! :) And creepy. I would like to see more!

I'm new to PhotoHunt so this theme is my first. I would be happy if you took a look of my version of Furry on

Have a great weekend!

different from every body else. great take on the theme

Great shots Anne. I also decided to NOT post a picture of our cats . . . although I did put up a cat we met in Rome. I think Beckett's nose will be out of joint.

trekcapri :

Hi Annie, very creative take on the theme! That moss does look very furry...and I'm trying to figure out where you saw these on Torcello? You always seem to find the most interesting things.

BTW, I'm sure Lulu & Maria are more than okay that they weren't the subject of this week's theme! :)

Have a great weekend Annie!

Great shots. And furry statues indeed - could do with shaving ;-)

I think this is the most unusual take on the theme this week. Very clever but I would have enjoyed the cats, too.

If you have time stop by my photo hunt!
JyLnC's Furry Photohunt


Excellent take on the theme!

Great shots.
I love old statues with patina!


Great take on the theme, and lovely photos!

Excellent! Very enjoyable photos!

I hope you get a chance to visit!

Happy weekend!


Great choice for the theme...I like unique!

Very clever take on this week's theme. Great photos.


Love it. Great photo for the theme and a change from the cats and dogs.
Have a great weekend Anne.

Very unique take on the theme. Love it! Have a great weekend!

I like the statues. Mind you, I like cats too.


Great take on the theme! So original.

My not so original one is up too. :)

What beautiful statues...

I didn't think of that take on "furry". If I had, I would have picked one of these: http://public.fotki.com/Mudhooks/my_stuff/year_in_photos/2004/road_trip!/100_0060.html

Instead, I did these: http://mudpuddle.wordpress.com/2009/01/30/photohunter-furry/

Those are fantastic!! The bare branches in the background makes it even scarier.

Thanks everyone for visiting and for your comments. It's really interesting to read these and see how many people saw these statues as kinda creepy because to me, Torcello is such a magical and beautiful place, and these were just part of it all. But when I look again, I can see the "creepy" part esp. since as Chiocciola noticed, there are all those bare branches (I was there in winter and the grapevines were dormant).

Trekcapri, if you walk by the two churches and head straight towards the canal, there's a large grassy area on the right, and a fenced-in garden on the left, and that's where these statues (and many others) were, along with grapevines and rose bushes. I'd love to see the garden when it's in bloom.

I've enjoyed seeing so many PhotoHunters' fur babies today and part of me feels a bit guilty about not posting pics of my cats...BUT, they get plenty of blog time already plus they don't like having their photos taken anyway. :)


Ohh, yes!! Furry, that`s for shure! Great and clever furrypost :)

Very clever take on the theme. I love these photos. They look pretty creepy to me also. I am definitely putting Torcello on my list of things to do the next time I get to Venice.

Hi Anne.
I think the moss added character to the statues. Yours is a creative take on this week's theme. I'm sure the cats will understand and a furry part 2 post will make up for it :)

Wonderful! I love the play of mosses on statues.

intriguing statue photos. It must be very old to gather those mosses.

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