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PhotoHunt: Hat(s)


This week's theme is "hat(s)."

Here is part of my friend Susan's collection of old hats (and heads).


And from the same collection:


Happy Weekend!
You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

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Comments (42)

Nice to know even ETs have affinity for hats.

Very nice hats you showed here. That red looks good for the church :)


I LOVE the alien head :) Great pics, and collection!

You know we have a great hat store here in Victoria, I wish I could take pics in there, it's so beautiful... But alas they don't allow it..

I'm up...

wow! what a great collection you got!thanks for visiting mine. :)


What a great collection! I love those heads too.
Happy weekend Anne

These are fabulous hats. Great shots. Hope you have a happy weekend.


THat was nice ... till I got to the last one!

That tiny kitten has certainly grown in 8 months.

This is such a fun collection of hats and heads. Happy weekend.


Oh I love the hats in the first photo!

Happy Weekend.

I was laughing at the alien wearing the hat.. haha. The last one in the 1st photo looked rather unique too. :)


Nice hat collection but I'm not sure the hat suits our alien chum!

Perfect for the theme... Hat is a characteristic mode of a women in every moment.... Mine's of too hope you can drop by. Happy weekend!


Cute hats and weird heads... loved this post!

Very cool photos! Love the top collection. Happy Weekend!! 4 more days...

Haha.. Love all the hats especially the alien one.

Wow! I love that red one :)

Happy weekend!


Teeheehee -- that last head sure stands out! ;b

The alien really caught my attention. Lovely shot.

Happy weekend!


Great hats! The one advantage to living in a cold climate is that I can wear a hat every day and not look really peculiar. I have nothing as funky as these hats, however.

Those mannequins are awesome too! Happy hunting.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, Great theme photo selections. Very cool collection of hats! And I like how the heads all sort of go with the hats...even the alien head! :)

Have a great weekend Annie!

Super hat collection! Have a great weekend. :)

Oh I really like the red one/...happy weekend. Mine is ready.

some very exotic pics u got here :)


Favorite pics so far!

Have a great weekend :)

Oh I love them - and the heads! (well... maybe not the alien...) LOL! Great choice!

da hat doesn't look nice on da alien..lol :P

Great collection of both hats and heads.

Mine is up here:

Well, that's the most STYLISH alien I've seen all day! lol!

I did Photo Hunters today, too! Hope you get a chance to visit.


I prefer your friend's collection of old hats. they are cool!

Neat! When I had a booth in an Antique Mall, they were good sellers!
Great photo!


What an interesting thing to collect!

Fabulous hats!

Great photo - love the idea. Menehune

I'd totally sport the red hat, and maybe the black and white hat too...

Thanks for stopping by.

I'm a "hat person". Sadly, the only hats that look "good" on me are Lady Di hats... and who would be caught dead in one of those!

the alien mast was a refreshing change. I hope to find tt someday in my travels and bring it home.

mason's has a nice head of hair too!

Those hats are cool - my favorite is the hat on the right (first photo), a sort of pink head wrap that reminds me of head wraps worn by the women in Mozambique and other African countries.

Thanks for visiting my site earlier :)

Now, THAT is a fascinating collection!

great collection of hats :)

What a great thing to collect. I'm not a hat person but enjoy seeing people wearing hats.
Happy Sunday!

The alien head sure needs the hat!! :P

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