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PhotoHunt: Hope


This week's theme is "hope."
Perfect theme to begin a New Year!

peace flag

All over Venice, you see these flags...a lovely way for people to share their hopes for peace. Most of them are in Italian (pace) but I saw one in English too.


I hope that all of you have a very Happy New Year!

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Comments (36)

Those are beautiful shots and I love the flags with hopes for peace. Wishing you a happy and peaceful year ahead!

High five - we both picked Venice for this week - hey, we often BOTH pick Venice to blog about , lol.

Happy New Year!

Happy peaceful new year to you my blog friend! I remember those flags from back in 2003, when there were a lot of protests going on, right before the start of the Iraq war. Bologna was covered in them!

Perfect choice for the theme and for the New Year! I saw a few of the pace flags in Venice last October but they were very faded.

I have yet to pick a photo ...

Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend!

happy new year n may it b full of hope for u and yr family


What a lovely idea and let's hope Peace or Pace will be with us soon.


My usual vision of Venice of it being full of history but your photos make it feel both more contemporary but also eternal.

I join humanity in wishing/hoping for peace this year.

Happy new year.


Great Photos with a wonderful meaning. Hope your 2009 will be peaceful.

I'm loving the colors of hope on those decorative flags :)

That's a nice take for the theme. Hoping for the peaceful world. Happy weekend. TC

What lovely photos! The flags look so nice against the colorful walls.


how wonderful and perfect for the theme!

A peaceful new year to you and to us all...

There ought to be peace in the world. I hope it will become a reality soon as I hate seeing people suffer in war.

Happy New Year!
Criz & J Family Kitties

Peace, we all need that nowadays! I'm definitely hopeful.

Peace, we hope for peace, we sure it :)

Wishing you the best for 2009 :)

Great shots. Here's hoping that the hope becomes a reality. Happy New Year!

I was thinking of the same thing! You beat me too it, but I found a back up photo instead :)

Beautiful photos! I love seeing the flags flying all over Italy. I have a photo of a peace flag in Murren, Switzerland also.

Happy Weekend!!

The peace flags were everywhere in Turin as well. A nice reminder that Italy isn't a museum but home to real folks with passions for a better world!


Just commented to Sandra that I'm hearing Twilight Zone music with all the coincidences going on. Had written about hope myself last night, before seeing Sandra's post on hope and before seeing on girasoli's site that the photohunt theme was hope.
And now am seeing the rainbow pace flags on your site...just after I added an image of one to my own post! (And even more coincidental, mine too was taken in Venice!) Love those flags and love that you have posted them as your photohunt entry!


What a wonderful gesture! Perhaps it'll catch on in the U.S.

Lovely pace flags!

Happy New Year and peace on earth is what we hope for!

Fabulous images for hope.

Wishing you paz and joy from Spain...


Great pics for the theme :) Let us all hope for peace in 2009! Happy new year, and thank you for visiting :)

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

The perfect photo hunt!
Peace is hope.

What neat flags! I like learning about other places. Great post for today.

I 'hope' you get a chance to come see my post and leave your link.
Happy New Year!


Good shots; I've always wanted one of those flags but haven't seen them as much over our last few trips.

Very nice pix!

I played too :)


Wow - such beautiful colorful photos! Let's hope for Peace for the world!

Happy 2009!


Lovely photos, Annie. Here's to Peace AND Hope!

I love the balconies. They are so colorful and cozy. The idea of peace is a great thing to use for the theme hope.

If you have time stop by and see my photo hunt.

Nice thoughts, Anne!
I love the Peace flags, have looked for my own when in Venice and never found them. :-(
Happy New Year! May 2009 be peaceful and full of...hope.

Hopefully we have a peaceful year this year. Happy 2009!

That's a wonderful way to welcome 2009. Peace is a noble wish that I also share in my heart.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, perfect theme photo selection! I bought a PACE flag in 2005 when I was in Florence and I just love it! The colors are mellow and the message is something that I hope for in 2009!

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