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The Birthday Party


So here is Mason, with a lizard on his head, an albino king snake around his neck, and a python "belt" around his waist. He had a great time at his birthday party!

There were THREE snakes at this party, two turtles, three lizards, and a tree frog.

Moving on to the mammal kingdom, we had a hamster, a guinea pig, a rabbit, and a ferret.

I took 200 photos at this crazy party and I'll post a few more soon. Right now, I've got to go watch the Obama "We are One" concert. Life is good. :)

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Annie, I love that photo!! How cool is the python belt?! MN and Sara would be so envious, they both love snakes. And yay, Obama!

Hope things have warmed up a little down there, our temps are up (of course that meant more snow, but at least it isn't so bitterly cold!)


You took 200 photos? I was thinking I could not have stayed at that party... LOL That is one brave boy!!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, look at that great big happy smile! Very cool photo! And your nephew looks so happy with the two snakes and lizard on top of his head. Glad the party was a big hit and everyone had a great time!

I watched the Obama concert this morning and loved it. I enjoyed all the quotes, stories, music and of course Obama's speech. Can't wait for Tuesday.

Hope it keeps warming up for you, Anne and Sandra.

Enjoy your Sunday evening Annie and thank you so much for sharing this wonderful photo.

Annie, that is so so funny!! I saw that you had a new post on Kathy's blog and just knew you would come through with a photo of the snake. I did not imagine though that there would be more than one and a lizard too! What a fun party for your nephew.

The We Are One concert was wonderful! I am watching it for the 3rd time (and saw parts four times) since my cable company (which I am pretty upset with right now) did not give me free HBO. I would have liked to record it. Instead, it took me a while to download the right plug-ins to be able to watch it on my computer. The screen size of the show is smaller than a postcard, but still it was great! During some of the songs, I was not able to watch them without crying (even for the 3rd or 4th times!) I don't know how I am going to get through the inauguration.

35 more hours to go and Obama will be our President!!

Anne, it has warmed up a little bit here too. No snow for us yet but an 80% chance that it will snow tomorrow. I am excited!

Ann, I agree that he is brave! He is such an animal lover. And yes, I took that many photos because I've learned that photographing kids is HARD! I deleted probably two/thirds of them but did get a few good ones.

Kathy, thanks! It was fun to see him having such a great time. And I LOVED the "We Are One" concert! Obama's speech was wonderful. And we get to hear him again tomorrow...woo hoo!

Girasoli, I got choked up several times too. I'm glad you were able to watch it. I have a satellite dish and luckily, they gave us HBO for free yesterday. I've got that Stevie Wonder song, "Higher Ground" stuck in my head today!

Oh look at that happy boy with that big smile. Love it! I'd love to see more photos.

I missed the concert yesterday but I'm hopeful that someone in my family recorded it.

Sending some virtual Arizona warm weather to where it’s needed in North America. ;)

Maria, I hope someone recorded it because it was truly wonderful!

Forecast is for 3-5 inches of snow here tomorrow! I'm pretty excited since I'm taking the day off anyway to watch the Inauguration. Having some white stuff will make it even better (we don't get much snow here so I really like it when we do).


Fab photo, Annie! Are there any of you, playing with the snakes and other critters?

Mason looks so happy, draped in snakes, lizards and missing one front tooth! He must have had a blast.

I hope you enjoy the coming snowfall (hey -- at least it keeps the clowns indoors!)

Thanks Sandra! No, I stayed behind the camera and away from the critters, though I did pet the rabbit. I love that snaggle-tooth smile!

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