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A Day at the Museum of Life and Science

Last summer, my nephew Davis spent the weekend with me, and one of the things we did was go to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC. I’ve been taking the boys to this museum for years – they love it and so do I. It’s a very large museum with both indoor and outdoor exhibits, and is a great place to hike around and take pictures!

Davis had just gotten a camera for his sixth birthday, so we were both snapping lots of shots that day.


We arrived right when the museum opened and decided to do the outdoor stuff first, and then go inside later when it got hot. First we walked through the “Farmyard” and saw all those animals, and next went to the “Explore the Wild” section where we were very lucky to see one of the four black bears taking a morning swim. We also visited the wolves and the lemurs.


Davis was very patient about posing for me. :)


Next we went to the Fossil Dig where there are shovels, sifters, and info cards so that you can ID your finds. Davis was thrilled to find a big Great White shark’s tooth. After that, we rode the train (a miniature old-timey locomotive) and then ate lunch.

IMG_2129 IMG_2136

Next up was my favorite part – the Magic Wings Butterfly house. Davis loves this place too, and he spent a lot of time trying to get a butterfly to land on his finger while I took photos of all the tropical plants and flowers. Then we went next door to the “Insectarium” which has lots of creepy crawly things (like tarantulas) that six-year-old boys love.



By this time it was getting hot so we went inside and visited the Carolina Wildlife section (snakes! owls! turtles!) and then the rock/quartz/crystal exhibits in the Geology section and then the Aerospace section.

Davis’ favorite part of the day was getting his face painted. He chose this design – it’s a Carolina Blue hulk.


Here he is the next morning and as you can see, most of the face paint had worn off on the bed sheets. I’m a very indulgent aunt. He didn’t want to wash his face before bed so I didn’t make him. He’s holding Maria the kitten who was SO much smaller then!


We had a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to going back to this great museum as soon as it gets a bit warmer around here.

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Beautiful photos, Annie. And what a fun aunt you are!

What fun! I was surprised to see a bear in a Museum of Life and Science. Your nephew is so cute! He is very lucky to have an aunt like you.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I love these photos. What a great museum that is. Animals, the Butterfly house and the fossil dig activity where your cute nephew found that sharks tooth. So much fun!

And I agree with Candi & Girasoli, you are a great aunt (getting the face paint on your sheets so your nephew could go to bed happy with his Carolina Blue Hulk face.

And I love that last photo (still with a little of his face paint) and holding little Maria. I totally enjoyed this post. Thanks so much for sharing Annie! Have a great day!

Candi thanks. Being an aunt to these boys is so much fun - I'm really lucky!

Girasoli, all four of the bears are rescue bears who for various reasons, can't live in the wild anymore. They have a very large habitat, and it was pretty unusual for us to get such a close-up view of one of them. It was exciting!

Kathy, it really is such a great museum - I can honestly say that I enjoy it as much as the boys do. That photo of Maria cracks me up...she was so little but with such long legs!


Sounds like a wonderful day that you spent at the museum! And I agree, you are a great aunt and fun to be with... Lucky Davis! :) Did he get to keep the find at the archeological dig?

The pink hibiscus and plumerias would have transported me to Hawaii.

Eden, yes the kids get to keep the fossils they find. Davis was psyched about finding that shark's tooth (he has some others that he found at the beach but none as big as that one).


Annie, you definitely get the "Aunt of the Year" award for letting him go to sleep with the face paint!

All the photos are so nice! Sounds like a great day. And thanks for explaining about the bears, I was wondering where they were from.

And now that you mention it, that is a kitten with loooong legs!

A: Such a sweet and seemingly special relationship - aunts are meant to be indulgent, no? Thanks for sharing, M

Sheri and Menehune, thanks! Being an aunt is truly a blessing in my life (and so much fun).

Chiocciola, I know. Those legs crack me up! She is still growing and I'm very curious to see how big she is going to get.

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