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A few photos from Padua

I didn't take a lot of photos that day because it was pouring rain most of the time but here are a few:

This is the Duomo and the Baptistry. We had a great lunch in this piazza at a place called Il Gancino. I haven't finished my Slow Travel reviews yet (and probably won't until next month) but I plan to review Il Gancino because it was a great little cafe.


This tower on the Palazzo del Capitanio reminded me that Padua was once part of the Venetian empire. The winged lion of San Marco is there and even the clock face looks similar to the one in Piazza San Marco, with bronze astrological symbols in a circle.


This old courtyard is part of the university of Padua, founded in 1222 and the second oldest university in Italy after the one in Bologna.


And in this courtyard, we found this statue of Elena Lucrezia Corner Piscopia (1646-84). Born in Venice to a noble family, she was a child prodigy who in 1678, was the first woman in the world to be awarded a University degree. She wanted to study theology but the church balked at that so she earned her degree in philosophy instead. Then she turned down many marriage proposals and spent the last six years of her life doing charitable work.

There's a plaque honoring her on her family palazzo in Venice, in sestiere San Marco close to the church of San Luca.


I've now been on two quicks trips to Padua and I'd really like to spend more time there, maybe a couple of nights.

My first trip to Italy was a not-slow guided tour that stopped briefly in Padua to visit the Basilica di Sant' Antonio (Il Santo), and I'd love to visit that church again.

Padua has a fun vibe, probably because it's a university town, and I saw lots of shops and bars and cafes that looked interesting. The shopping looked fantastic! I'd especially like to spend some time in Piazza della Erbe and della Frutta where there are several large outdoor markets which not only have vegetables and such but also lots of cool-looking ethnic crafts and clothes.

Padua is also home to Europe's first botanical garden and I'd love to visit that too. And of course, I want to return to the Scrovegni Chapel on one of those double-turn 40 minute long tickets. :)

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Very interesting, Annie! That's a great tower and I loved the winged lion as well as the astrological symbols. Was it a clock at some point, do you think? It almost looks more like it reports the day and month, rather than the hour.

Elena sounds as if she had an eventful life!

Padua sounds so interesting, and looks very beautiful. I can't wait to see it and hope that you'll be able to return sometime, and stay into the evening for a double turn at the Scrovegni.


Interesting--I posted about the Venice Clock tower before I saw yours.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wonderful photos. Even in the rain, Padua looks like a really cool town. That winged lion and clock does look like the one in San Marco. I found the story of Elena really interesting too.

I think Padua sounds like a great town to spend a couple of nights for the atmosphere as well as all the wonderful things to see there like the amazing frescos in Scrovegni Chapel.

Thanks for this great post Annie! Hope you had a nice day.

I think I have a similar (printed pre-digital) photo of the duomo. I don't think I really noticed the beautiful clock tower before. Not sure how I missed that. I really enjoyed these photos. I stayed there for a couple of nights and went to a huge market one day - think it was on a Sunday.

Did you take the university tour? You can see the Anatomy Theater, which is fascinating.

We were just in Padua for a day, but it ended up being full of surprises!

Thanks everyone.

Sandra, I just zoomed in on my photo and I think it's a 24-hour clock, so it does tell time. I'm not sure if it works or not but I think that's what it is.

Jan, I'm going to come check out your post about the Venice clock tower!

Kathy, I think you'd love Padua too!

Girasoli, the markets looked wonderful. There were several of them in different places. I would have loved to have done some shopping!

Jill, we didn't take the university tour. I'd love to do that too because I've seen photos of that Anatomy Theater and it looks very cool.


Great post, Annie, I can't wait to visit this city one day, it sounds wonderful. Good to know about the double timeslot at the Scrovegni, I always wonder how on earth one could appreciate those gorgeous frescos in such a a short time. I really like that courtyard (I seem to have a thing for courtyards and cloisters!)

Great photos. Annie. I would love to go to Padua.

Oh, visiting the university was one of my favorite things in Padova! I remember visiting an anatomy theatre which was very cool. Padova seems like a very livable and nice town.

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