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Fall and Winter at the Market

This past year, I’ve done several blog posts about shopping at my local farmer’s market. Here are the previous posts in the series.

Farmer’s Market Report #1 (March 2008)
Spring at the Market (May 2008)
Summer at the Market (September 2008)

I just realized that I skipped the Autumn post (even though I took a photo for it) so I’m going to combine fall and winter in this one.

Here’s the Autumn photo – taken the weekend before Thanksgiving. As you can see, there were still plenty of good things to eat even though it was starting to get colder.

Spinach, scallions, Swiss chard, several colors of peppers, a turban-shaped pumpkin, and butterbeans in the bag. I made soup out of that pumpkin and it was awesome.


And here is winter, taken the last weekend in January. This time, I bought eggs, Italian parsley, radishes, Swiss chard, spinach, scallions, goat cheese, and a cabbage (Maria the kitten is partially blocking the view of the cabbage).


There was tons of lettuce at the market in January too as well as collards and other greens. And lots of potatoes, both white and sweet.

Not pictured is the potato, lemon, and farmer’s cheese empanada that I bought at the market and ate immediately!

The only problem with our Winter market is that not as many farmers come to it, which makes for long lines at some booths. And certain things run out very quickly. This past weekend, I arrived about 10 minutes after the market opened and missed the broccoli by about two seconds! But overall, I’m lucky because even though North Carolina definitely has four distinct seasons and the winters can be very cold, we are able to get fresh local produce year round.

We have several cheese vendors, local stoneground flour, local wine, and every kind of humanely raised meat from buffalo to chicken to pork in many forms.

Here is one of the newest vendors at our market: a mobile cupcake vendor in an Air Stream travel trailer! They also sell good coffee, cookies, and scones.


Here's another look at Spring (coming soon!). And yes, my cats are very nosy when it comes to food.

Farmer's Market

And Summer. Tomatoes and figs...a few months away.


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Comments (10)

Love the photos! We don't have anyone at our market selling buffalo meat or stone ground flour. And we definitely don't have a mobile cupcake vendor!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, first of all I had to giggle when I saw the back of Maria's head. But that was almost expected. And then when I saw Lulu's head too, that was just too funny! :)

I love all of your wonderful photos. I think it is so great that you have all these markets and vendors to sell fresh vegetables, meat and eggs throughout the seasons. I think that travel trailer selling coffee, cookies and scones is cute. I love the name Daisy Cakes!

I really enjoyed this post a lot. Have a great evening Annie!

This was a delicious post to read, Annie. I loved that the winter shot and the summer shot are both on what looks like the same table. You could enlarge and frame those, they are so lovely.

Wonderful photos! I particularly love the first one. At my local farmers market, one of my favorite things is chocolate milk - it the best thing ever!

Thanks everyone. It's been great to see the way this market has grown over the past few years.

Krista, I think the cupcake vendor is so cool (even though with all the emphasis on sustainability, I have to wonder how much gas that thing guzzles!).

Kathy, it's funny because you can't make cats do anything (esp. when it comes to photos) and I love it when they decide to jump in the frame!

Deborah, thanks! It's taken me a while but I've figured out that food photos come out much better when I take them outside on that little patio table. But sometimes it's too cold to go out there!

Chiocciola, you have chocolate milk? Wow, that's something we don't have. I'd love to try some decent chocolate milk (I think the grocery store stuff is pretty nasty).


Love the pictures, Annie. We don't have a winter market anywhere nearby. I am looking forward to the spring markets.


Your post makes me wonder why I don't visit our weekly farmer's market more often, especially since we have the luxury of one year round. And having a cupcake vendor is such a cool thing.

Thanks Sheri, our market only started opening in the winter last year; it used to be March-November only.

Marcia, I've gotten in the habit of getting up early on Saturday morning so I can go, and I really look forward to it. I bet you have a great one out there in CA!


I love your photos! Vegetables and fruit are so beautiful, aren't they!

Nancy, yes they really are. Love the colors!

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