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La Bottega di Pinocchio


Another sweet little corte with a shrine in Venice. The sign on the door next to the shrine says "La Bottega di Pinocchio"...Pinocchio's Workshop? I see the long-nosed wooden guy hanging there, under the bell.

I'd love to know the story of this place; it was like walking into a children's book. Found this in Castello on the way to the church of San Pietro di Castello


Santa is here too, hanging on the door. I like the garden, especially that embedded flower pot below the Madonna.


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Very nice, Annie. I'd love to know the story too.


Annie, what a delightful little corner. The green door is lovely, with its knocker and colourful ribbons -- and Pinocchio himself! I also like the vines and tasteful shrine -- and are those small carved people standing in the flower pots? Interesting.

I wonder what the story is?

Adorable! I, too, wonder what the story behind this is. How wonderful to just happen to walk by something like this!

What a sweet little area. The colors are so rich also.

This is a beautiful post. I love the detail and the different icons.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, what an interesting house and entrance. I also wonder who lives there and the connection with Pinoccio. I don't blame you for stopping to take a closer look. By reading your blog I am really getting better at noticing things in more detail when I travel. I think when I do I will be able to make these kinds of wonderful discoveries too.

Wonderful post Annie! And I love the photos.


I love the photos! Such beautiful colors!

What a cool door! I love these photos! They are so colorful. I would be fun to do one of those games where everyone adds a line to create a story about the door and who lives inside.

Thanks everyone.

Girasoli, it would make a good story starter!

What a charming and sweet place! I love all the little details around the door. Maybe a Venetian named Geppetto lives there ... or a descendant of Carlo Collodi.


Surely someone very whimsical must live here!You know, one of those rare adults that children actually like to visit. :)

Mike Henderson:

I live in Venice and have been here a few times when the old man is there. His name is Fortuna Scarpa and he is stone deaf. He is very friendly, though, and eager to show his collection of Pinoccios. There are dozens of them in the little works shop. If you continue from the Corte to the right around the corner you will find a funky green door with a window next to it filled with little dolls, including the 7 Dwarfs, and a couple of Scarpa's Pinoccios.

Great little Blog, by the way.

Hi Mike, thanks so much! I'm thrilled to learn about Fortuna Scarpa and wish he had been there when I walked by. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.


The green door! I noticed the 7 dwarfs in the window but not more Pinoccios.

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